MMO Maintenance IS insanely high


I’ve developed my fisrt AAA MMO game. and the income where amazing . but the Maintenance keep going up I’m paying more than 71M maintenance per week… 71M !!! On what?? I have to make expansions on a regular basis just to break even… the total Maintenance on the MMO game I’ve developed is 5919.3M so far… Oh dear


I know that it is bad sometimes as you are usually paying more to do maintenance then actual game income but you are always making an income so why does it matter? I usually do release MMO > Release a Game > MMO Expansion #1 > Game > Expansion #2 > Game > Expansion #3 > Game > Expansion #4 and Im usually done with that game. I usually make 3-4 expansions and thats it, and only about 25% of the time is maintenance higher than actual game profits, but with conventions, G3, etc. you get more hype so its even in my opinion.


(on the numbers)
And saying, man, You’re good.
This may be because MMOs were developed to be launched andto be closed some time later.


Yes that is true ^ You don’t see World of Warcraft lasting 20 years on its single game without making sequels :stuck_out_tongue: As my MMOs in game last about 20 years hahaha.


I don’t get MMO’s my first one was a huge fail made me only about 3 to 4 billion. My second one was alot better but only made me about 10-15 billion. I’ve looking up the forums and I heard we can make trillions out of an MMO , can anyone tell me the good slider options, combos , genres , Engine and stuff like that. please? I’ve been cutting MMO’s short and only doing AAA games and large game to profit me. have about 75 billion dollars.


I think that you should make a lot of expansions for it, as my MMO had 4 expansions and made up to 55 billion dollars, and focus more on the story and quests because it is a MMO game…you don’t want to focus on Gameplay and just roam around and do nothing…


It’s not an MMORPG, it’s an MMO… Meaning that it doesn’t have to have a story. There are many Military MMO’s, and that’s what I did in my MMO- Military Simulation. You just change simulations depending on what the genre is, Military Simulation has 100% gameplay and engine, 0% dialogue and story/quests, etc.


Thanks alot , I’ll try this when I can turn on my computer @TheSniper @genericbanana


MMO Military Sims? Such as? o.O I have never heard of a MMO that doesn’t focus on the story mainly.


You’re thinking of MMORPGs- Massively Multiplayer Online -Role Playing Games-. RPGs need a story, MMOs that aren’t MMORPGs don’t necessarily need one.
“A massively multiplayer online game (also called MMO and MMOG) is a multiplayer video game which is capable of supporting large numbers of players simultaneously. By necessity, they are played on the Internet. Many games have at least one persistent world, however others just have large numbers of players competing at once in one form or another without any lasting effect to the world at all.”



I have over 611,352,849.5M in Maintenance…




Oh such as Warhammer? Isn’t that MMO? o.O


Six Hundred and Eleven dot Three Trillion of maintenance cost per week. (if I’m not wrong)
This should be the Year 500, perhaps.
I wonder what’s your game made of.


Mines RPG/Fantasy :stuck_out_tongue: Whats yours own?


I always create Fantasy RPG/Adventure to Youngsters. Not sure if Online they will still be great.
But I was really wondering how was the expenditure/ what would cause the six hundred trillion of dollars (or of a fictional coin) of maintenance per week.


HAhahah completely high sales would cause that much per week :L


A little necro here but this topic was popped on me when typing same issue.

I see no-one answered OP’s actual question about the cost of maintenance being 71m a week which was my query also. It is absurdly out of sync. Revenue feels right but you know, I just stopped doing MMO’s… It just aint’ right.

Unless, unless, we’re paying a rental fee on the hardware? There is no major cost upfront for implementation of MMO and subsequent expansions have the same dev costs.


I’m thankful MMO’s were fixed, It got a bit boring with the Too big to fail thing going


I agree that MMO maintenance is insanely high.

I realise that MMOs were once upon a time, way too over-powered and people were making ridiculous amounts of money in the beginning, so Greenheart nerfered them (made them MUCH less profitable with a very short life span) and more challenging to keep alive.

However, I feel the nerfing of MMOs went too far.

I feel MMOs, that have got excellent scores should be more profitable for longer. I’m not asking Greenheart to change it back to the way it was; but I think perhaps they could meet us halfway.

I think it’s ridiculous that you can make an expansion that’s a 9.5 rating (or higher) and the game’s maintenance surpasses the profits while the game is still ranked at something like rank 11! I mean seriously… It doesn’t make any sense.

Take Eve Online for example… the game has less than 300,000 subscribers and has been running for over 10 years, whilst being able to pay it’s own maintenance fees, along with being able to pay all of CCP’s staff wages and even support major projects on the side!


Hi @TheSniper, I realise you you wrote your posts quite awhile ago, but to answer your question about MMOs with very little story elements…

WWII Online, Heroes & Generals, Eve Online, Planetside 2, World of Warships, ARK: Survival Evolved, Life is Feudal MMO, and many more :slight_smile: