Minecraft on your table (hololens)

I see great potential for strategic games using this

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That’d make one sick game of Settlers of Catan… Wait, I can just play the real thing.

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minecraft 3 confirmed

imagine nekopara with hololens


Oh shiet. Now the whole media is going to blow up with their #HoloLens :’( I’m gonna prepare myself.

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Who says the government’s not using it already? They’ve already been using it since it was implemented back in the 1960s to simulate enemy invasions and wars. (Fun fact: The Cold War was actually just a projection made with a proto-HoloLens) WAKE UP, SHEEPLE!!


Yeah, this is pretty sick. I’m ready to see what they’re able to do with it.

I think mostly tabletop style games would benefit from this, because, come on, who doesn’t want to play some Civ, EU, CK etc on their table? Without having to remove that mess?

I’m seeing it already… playing DDO on your desk. God yes.

THIS! THIS is a good sarcasm joke :wink:

thats not sarcasm

its real

what if it’s true

I’ve made a new drinking game: count all the Microsoft references.


“Microsoft Hololens”, “on my Microsoft Surface”

Oh, sorry.

Still not seeing any references

isn’t hololens a microsoft reference on it’s own?

Civ 5 on holo lens :slight_smile: can’t wait

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Buy a big table

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Or just use a world map

Do you want to get your table nuked by Mister Mahatma?