Make a option to remove the orbs

Add a option to stop the orbs when making games.This will make people with not so good computer be able to play this game.I am suggesting this because i lag because of the orbs, its not bad a the beginning but when i employ workers they make orbs and make me lag.

There is also a post regarding suggestions for the game at :

The post is created by a company moderator.

Post the idea there!

Can you tell me your computers specs please?

I sent you a private message.

The lag starts when i get to the 3rd office, when i m in the garage there is not lag

Got it thanks, Have forwarded it to the devs.

We do have a lag test build which if you email me at with your order number (if your purchased through our store only i’m afraid) I can provide you with.

There are though, different kinds of lag, while we accept we do have some late game optimization to do, lag can be caused by other things such as low quality integrated Graphics cards (GPU). Lag can also be minimized by defragging your hard drive and making sure you don’t have oodles of background programs running, like email, instant messengers, steam etc.

Also of note are extremely strong Anti Virus packages that the overly security conscious prefer such as Norton, Bitdefender and Virgin media security suite. Try switching temporarily to something light weight like AVG free and set the “scan process priority” to Dynamic or Low, the scan will take longer but will use less resources.

I bought it from the store and payed with paypal will i have been sent a email with the order number.

Do you mean Our Store? or the Windows Store?

I bought the game from your store

Great! Email me at with the order number that is located in your email from Fast Spring which contained your download links.

I would also request that before playing on the test build you make sure to defrag your pc.