Make A Freaking New Game

OK I LOVE greenheart games
they are so awesome
they are totally my favorite indie game company

Guys i want to see if we can get the Klug bros to reply on this topic kk



A bit harsh, but tottaly right

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Ha! We would love to ship a new game right this moment but sadly, the reality is that creating a game takes time and we are still working on our next games. Nothing to announce yet…


Well…that was easy
I mean i thought it would by hard to get you to comment
Seriously…wow i feel like i accomplished something
Is there a badge for this?

On this forum, there are active supports, developers, etc.

But getting them to announce the next game is hard as hell (You need to have level: MLG to get ONLY 1% of the secret info)

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hahaha lol awesome picture lol

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Cool So Green Heart You Guys Are Awesome
And I Love You
I Will Buy All The Games You Guys Make

@Gamingthrou #2MLG4U

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It would be nice if we could at least know whether or not Greenheart Games will have something new in 2015.

GHG is love GHG is life

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I would love to see a TCG by Greenheart games, not GDT themed, :green_heart: :green_heart: :green_heart:

Would love to see a real Movie Tycoon game made by you guys!

They will at least announce their game by then :wink:

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A list of things I want from you guys is here, but I don’t expect you to see this. 1 = Least wanted 10 = most wanted

  1. Some sort of software, not a game.
  2. A movie creation game, like GDT, but movies instead of games
  3. A survival game
  4. Hotel managing game
  5. Computer company tycoon type game.
  6. Puzzle game?
  7. It would be cool to have an RPG from you guys
  8. Mystery game? Maybe play as a detective?
  9. Game where you are an employee, and you have to find multiple places to get a job, and you can get fired, hired, rehired, promoted, etc. etc.
  10. AND THE MOST WANTED THING, (in my brain) A YOUTUBE CHANNEL SIMULATOR! (Maybe rename it “YouCast” for copyright)
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Okay, 9 and 10 sound the most cool. It would be nice to see this, but I doubt that they will make either of these. I also doubt that they are working on 1, software. I mean, their name is GreenHeartGames. Software is not in their, just saying. But any of these would be nice because they haven’t even announced anything before. I am pretty sure GDT is their first game so for them to announce another game, would be really cool!

@heltonkaleb Patience is a virtue. I might be coming off a bit rude, but:

  • Software Creation games already exist.
  • Movie creation games already exist.
  • Survival creation games already exist.
  • Hotel Managing games already exist.
  • Computer company tycoon games already exist.
  • Puzzle Games already exist.
  • Detective games already exist.
  • Employee games, might exist. I'm not sure.
  • Youtube Channel simulator already exists.

    If you’d like, I’ll gladly dig you up some of these games if you’re interested :smile:

@apljee I mean from them, since they made the best tycoon game i’ve ever played.
But the youtube one isn’t necessarily true. There are no actual games that go deep into it, there is tubestar, which in my opinion is the best, but its not exactly realistic in any way, doesn’t go indepth at all.
And I would be very happy for you to dig those up for me! If it doesn’t take too much of your time. But one rule! NOTHING FROM MDICKIE!

Time’s running out.