Mad Games Tycoon

Let’s talk about Mad Games Tycoon.

How I have heard of it is that I was looking through Seniac’s videos, and I found this thread. I think the graphics were the same as Game Dev Tycoon at first, but I founded out it’s basically GDT but with more things.
I’m gonna get the game as soon as I get money for it.

If a thread already exists like that, please lock it.

I’ve played Game Dev Tycoon around 60 hours(with both my accounts) and Mad Games Tycoon around 50 hours. I love Game Dev Tycoon, but I will say that Mad Games Tycoon has more content in it.

Another plus is that Mad Games Tycoon is one of the few Early Access games that get NON-BUGGY content added on a regular basis.

The only thing Mad Games Tycoon lacks is mod support, but who knows, this may be an idea that the devs are thinking about down the line.

I strongly recommend you get that game. If you liked Game Dev Tycoon just a little, you will also like Mad Games Tycoon, if not more.

(please don’t kill me) but I like MGT more. It has more stuff, and for an early access game it provides so much, actually working content.
Oh, and it’s good and I like it. yeah.

That’s fine, I don’t mind people liking MGT more than GDT.

You don’t… but there are admins who can ban people, ya know…

We won’t ban you because you like MGT, promised.
Who says we can’t enjoy more than one game dev simulator?

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#GamersGoMakers FTW

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… jk.


Lol, I know, I know.
Everyone can like what they like, right? :smiley:


I like trains…

And I like Game Tycoon 1.5 get rekt

no srsly, stop with the old memes man

It’s buggy. I didn’t like it