Mad Games Tycoon versus Game Dev Tycoon


A lot of people know what Game Dev Tycoon is, but not too many people know what Mad Games Tycoon is. Mad Games Tycoon is a game similar to Game Dev Tycoon (At this point I’m just going to start using abbreviations) , but it’s a lot more advanced. MGT requires building your own engines, pacing out how you play, doing contract work to stay afloat, and if you think it’s not necessary, it’s the fastest way to get your reputation up among other companies, so think again. You get to make your own video game consoles, mobile, PC or console, but it’s a lot more advanced. Choose the shape, color, and functionality. Research higher grade titles to add more features to your produced game! In this series I’m starting today, I’ll be playing as Cryptosleep Theory and working all the way through the game on the HARDEST difficulty! If you’re interested, anything you want to learn can be found here. I upload every day at 6A.M. and 4P.M. EST, so stay tuned!


Its character animations & it self…
Is rather interesting.
Its like they suffered a seizure.

Anyways, I always felt MGT have more options, and GDT were limited
If GreenHeart Games were ever to make a 10th Anniversary/Remastered Mode however,
they should include some new features.