Low ratings and losing fans?


Ever since I got out of the garage every game I have made has gotten a rating of 4 or lower. Even If I get good combos and trend matches the game is still terrible. Also, every game that I release makes me lose fans to the point where I now have 64 instead of the thousands I used to have. Before I left the garage I made a games with 9 and 8 score ratings. Is this a glitch/bug? Has this happened to anyone else? I’ve tried multiple different genres and topics, all of which should be good combos. This never happened in my other gamesaves, any advice?


What combos did you try? What percent did you put the sliders on certain stages with certain combinations?


I tried Sci-fi adventure, military action, military simulator, fantasy RPG, city simulator, gamedev simulator, etc. I put the sliders on whatever I though was necessary for that type of game. For instance with the RPG i had a high story etc.


I don’t see why you’re losing fans or money then.


are you training yourself and researching/using new game ideas?


Level 2 (after garage) is the hardest
keep researching new Graphic and hope 1st game using your new Custom engine will release 9+ game


I’ve ran into this same problem I’ve went from an average of 8.5 20 a 1 every game for no reason


Make sure you research new things for engines. Don’t forget to level your staff and create new game engines.

Check this out https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=216784744



I totally agree with you


It is not very hard, you just have to hire a bigger team and make bigger games.

At that point you have to push through with training, getting a bigger staff, and researching as much as you can for a new game engines.