Lost Key, Lost Email! How to Update?



I bought the game when it did not exist in Steam. Now I would like to know, how I can update the game. Or how i get the Game for Steam. I lost my Downloadlink, because i accidentally delete my Mail :frowning:

Thanks! And sorry for my english


Contact orders@fastspring.com @Charlie


I think @Charlie and @PatrickKlug gotta see this





If you purchased from our store then please contact orders@fastspring.com and let them know as much information as you can remember so that they can help you retrieve your account.



Dat necro. By the way, there should be a stickied topic for this matter considering this question has been asked godzillions of times now.


I have sent in 2 emails and have never been responded to. First one was about 4-5 months ago and 2nd one was about 1-2 months ago. Can anyone help me with this?


Nevermind. I found a email from Beth, sorry guys


dat necro again


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