Looking for Developers!


Hello everyone. I’m looking for developers to create a small game development company :wink:
Nothing serious, just passion and love for the things that are done.
I’m Italian and I speak English very well :wink:
Someone interested, any kind of programming language C ++ .net nw.js etc. :slight_smile:



What about @gamedev13600 and the other people from Game World Studios?
what happened?


Didn’t they all leave him to join up with @CrumpDev ?


Yes, they did. Unfortunately there was no role available for peradev to fill in our current projects; we’d be happy to have him onboard in the future though!


@CrumpDev wait, can’t @peradev help with programming?
More developers = faster, better work.


Is he a programmer ? He didn’t state that he is. All he said is that he’s looking for people with coding skills in any kind of programming language.


We already have two, and a third would be slightly unnecessary due to the simplistic nature of 2D platformers. If @Botahamec needs help with TV Tycoon’s programming at any point, we may contact @peradev, however Bota seems to be progressing well on his own, and is nearly done with the progaming aspect of the game; if he could provide art, then we would be in touch, however as far as I’m aware, they listed an IndieDB job asking for an artist while he was a part of the team, indicating that he could not provide the art for TV Tycoon.


I hate when people assume that their group is a company. Face it, you haven’t trademarked or submitted it as a company.


I know, but it might take a thousand dollars to trademark.


So until you get

dont call it a company

u is group


Company, noun. A group of persons or things.



What I mean is, I think that the usage of the word “company” for the replacement for the phrase “development group” in indie game-making make you look like a bunch of pretentious dimwits.


Preach it, brother


The definition for COMPANY is “a commercial business” in this context, there’s also company as in “the fact or condition of being with another or others, especially in a way that provides friendship and enjoyment.”


At least it’s not bed-company… Also if company means group of people, group is easier to type, has less chars, and it can’t go to hell…


with the word company, I meant a small group of people to create a video game :wink:


Yo team is four characters and is all good




team is the best word

team is the best word

team is the best word