Looking for beta testers, anyone interested?

Hello Guys , I am looking someone for beta testing my game( game tycoon)[android] .I tried my best to make it more strategy game.


  • Open and manage multiple offices.

  • New Research feature will available with time.[Endless Generation]

  • New console will generate with time.[Endless Generation]

  • AI-competition : Ai will compete with user and other ai for supremacy . Ai actions depends on its CEO-personality, According to personality ceo will allocate funds for development ,research,advertisement etc ,If company performance is poor than board of director may fire ceo and hire another one which change company strategy.

  • Game-Competition : Ai can make decision to harm your game sell like Ea recently published titanfall2 and bf1 against cod to end cod supremacy in fps genre , Ai also delay or reschedule their against their rival big release , Ai will try to snatch rivals best working employee by offering higher salary.

  • Newspaper; You get monthly newspaper like http://gamesindustry.biz/ which tell you what is happening in Game-World eg Big releases, Ai announce new ip/sequel, Ai investment in various company and other events.

  • Investor :Inspired by shark tank series they may offer you high interest loan or percentage of company it depends on company recent products and company reputation.

  • Share Market: Realistic share market , company share depends on company performance promising point etc(Ai also can invest in company)

  • GameDevelopment: Create Expansion packs, Dlc or Remaster your game. More than 80 topics with 25 Sub-genre and 7 Main Genre.

  • Contract:Bidding System(like freelancer.com) against rival companies . Rival will up their bid or lower bid according to your bid.

  • Console Maker can approach you for creating exclusive games for their system also depends on relation they can even handover their ip to you for development.and other events

  • And many more features.

I tried my best to make it as realistic as possible but I need feedback on balancing and Game difficulty.So if anyone is interested for beta testing game than please pm me with email id.Thanks for reading.


I can beta test.
Please add me on skype so i can get the file.
Skype:Ken Tobi

Game is for android devices, So if you are interested pm me your email id.

Im interested! My email: pauaranega5@gmail.com

I’m also interested

I’m interested.
just give me the instructions on “How To” and ill give you the feedback :stuck_out_tongue:
Gmail: albert.banoy.3@gmail.com

Thanks Unfortunately I am not able finish game today as planned.I am planning to submit it on playstore in 2-3 days.I will send you invitation link once it is approved.

I’m also interested! hamad_sayed@outlook.com

Sorry if i was late

Opps i meant

That’s ok take your time. We will be Patience

Actually, we will be *patient. Patience is the noun of patient.

Bro, this is the internet. You cant judge me on my grammar. :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re right its the internet, but you’re not right about what the internet can do :slight_smile:

it can go beyond imagination :stuck_out_tongue:

I would but i don’t have an android

Are you still open for beta testers? I would love to play this.

I don’t have an Android.

Darn, if only there was a game that had every single feature you listed. Any ideas?

@chizbejoe You could always find an Android Emulator like BlueStacks.

I was trying my best to make the sarcasm in that post as subtle as possible. But in the end, it is sarcasm.

He basically just listed the Game Dev Tycoon features