Liquid Sky Game Streaming


Hey guys! I’ve just recently found this and fallen in love. I’ve been excited for Geforce Now, until I found this.

It’s amazing and free if you just want to watch some ads. Its powerful and awesome. It’s in the beta stages and currently only for windows but coming to mac and linux.

I’m doing a 10 dollar a month plan for 3 cores, 500gb, and 8gb ram.

Liquid Sky Website


Wow, the future is wild. That looks interesting.


I’ve been using it and for a beta it’s amazing. It’s better than Steam’s inhome streaming and you get your own personal desktop. It’s literally like having the computer on your computer.

I have awesome wifi but I haven’t experienced any bugs or lag. It’s in full HD, and works fully with Game Controllers.

I did a speed test on they’re computers and you get up to 400MBs/s.

Probably the best $10 i’ve ever spent. I use a old MacBook Pro, and I basically use Bootcamp and Windows 10 only. So I don’t get to play games cause my computer is shit. But this is amazing.


I use DS4 Windows, which lets you use PS4 remotes just like it where a Xbox360 remote on your windows. So I use that remote and Steam Big Picture with Liquid Sky and its great!


It honestly sounds too good to be true. I keep thinking there’s gotta be a loophole. Obviously, for hardcore gamers, the possibility of lagging behind is a deal breaker, but I think something like this will be more prominent and proficient in the future.


It’s not. Honestly I thought the same thing. I was like eh I’ll try it. I got it and I have barely experienced any bugs. The bugs I have found aren’t to bad. Plus it’s in beta. But I’ve been playing games like ARK, Civ 6, 7 Days To Die, and so on. I haven’t experienced any lag whatsoever. The games run amazing on good graphics. Plus if you want you can switch to a more powerful computer easily.

Basically Liquid Sky uses credits as a currency. I’m doing $10 a month subscription. Which gives you like 2,499 credits or so. Each minute uses a certain amount of credits.

With the Three different Packages,

You can see the lowest package, “Gamer”, is the one I use. Which is only 60 credits an hour. The higher the package the more credits. But your not limited. You don’t pay with money to get just one package. You use SkyCredits.


Jesus, they have a 2000 SkyCredit Giveaway and instant access to a sky computer. All you have to do is fill out a simple application and if your what they’re looking for than you get it. It’s to help them test and find bugs.


Payment? No thank you. Not a single penny is going to that broker website.


Lol the cool thing about it is it’s free. I did a paid version but they’re is a free version. All you have to do is watch some ads to gain Credits. No ads will interrupt you when your using it though.


Pass. i rather commit piracy, even though thats not going to happen. lol


The only reason I’m not gonna use it is because I kinda already have a pretty good gaming PC. Well… It’s getting there :stuck_out_tongue:

This service isn’t fully fleshed out. Maybe once my gaming PC is out-of-date, I’ll look into it again.


You would hack them? They’re servers have to be extremely secure.


This is a joke though if you didn’t get it, also im not even that good of hacking… Yet


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Certainly a interesting idea, but i think this caters to people that don’t already have a good enough pc, which most PC gamers surely already have if they truly are a PC gamer?
I personally don’t have a need for this, my PC is competent at most things, although certainly not a beast.


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