Language question



I wanted to know since im translating/accepting the suggestions in language for whole game after I finish the game language files what is going to happen? How long is it going to take publish the game language pack ? What is the next step will be ?

PS: Im translating to Turkish language


Are you doing an official translation? Did you already see this topic and this link?

@PatrickKlug @Charlie


Yes if you check the name of the translators (you know the list the persons who translated most words) you can see my name in there… As you can see right now on top of this message… So yes its official translation… Im almost finished… around 96 percent … I want to know what is going to happen after I finish the translation …

Are they gonna publish it direclty ?
Will there be a test ? If so who is gonna do the test ?
When the game gonna be in Turkish language after I complte the translation ?:smile:

Just wanted to know these…


Only people that can answer that is staff of ghg they were mentioned in the topic so they should see it soon.


Can i translate game to Lithuanian language?