Korean Translation

이야!! 나는 한글로 게임을 하고 싶다아!!!


저도 한글로 이게임을 하고싶습니다.

I would like to participate in the Korean translation.

Me Too!!
한국어가 지원되기를 바라는 한국 게이머입니다.


I’m a member of steam greenlight translate group.

I have an interest of your game and I really wanna translate it in Korean.
Can you let me start it for your company and every Korean fans?

I’ll wait for your reply, so contact to me ASAP.

Thank you.

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Thank you
Can get started right away

But I don’t know how can I start it.

Can you give me more information like
where can I do it and where can I find scripts and where should I upload it and etc.?

Oh, I found it. it was http://translate.greenheartgames.com/

Isn’t it?

But there’s no Korean section…

Can you make Korean category?

And I wanna be a moderator of it.

I’d like to participate in English-Korean translation team, too.

I have left a message for Patrick to review this :green_heart:
Thanks for your interest and offer of help guys!

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Hey, thanks for your interest. Before we start the translation project we will need at least two competent moderators with prior translation experience who can lead the project and review suggestions.

If you think you’re qualified please list your prior experience and any other relevant info here.

We are Team Inoym
We have translated 98%
The remaining 2% will be translated
Currently we are recruiting inspection team and the translators
If you are interested the
Please send an email to shonn2323@gmail.com

우리는 팀 이노임 입니다
현재 98% 정도 한국어로 번역했습니다
이제 나머지 2%를 번역하면 됩니다
현재 우리는 검수팀을 모집중입니다 그리고 번역팀을
관심이 있는 분은
shonn2323@gmail.com 로 메일을보내주세요

Hey, I have received your emails and the file with the translation. I have passed it to Patrick. Many thanks :green_heart:

Please add to the Korean http://translate.greenheartgames.com/

I would like to participate in the Korean translation.

Please add to the Korean http://translate.greenheartgames.com/

Very technical discussion. I like it.

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Wait for the localization support!
You have already purchased a premium genuine.

I’ve sent you an email :slight_smile:

Oh !! Thanks!!

Where do I send the translation files?

Patrick and Daniel are at the PAX Melbourne convention and have limited internet access until Monday. Please allow some time for an answer.