Just got the game, played it for an hour with mods, Please help


Just started playing the game today, had alot of fun for a few hours, but I seem to run into an error, I downloaded 2 mods of the workshop and the forums… and run into an error half an hour playing please help…

Some of the mods appear as orange in colour and cannot be activated, I tried unsubbing and re-subbing, it did not work

Error Alert

TypeError: Cannot read property ‘id’ of undefined

Enabled Mods:

  • Game Dev Tycoon Mod API by support@greenheartgames.com
  • UltimateLib by Francesco Abbattista and Chad Keating
  • Staff Gain Experience From Games by William Hunt
  • CompetitorMod by kristof1104 and DzjengisKhan
  • Percentager - Feature Focus Percentages by Chad Keating
  • Learn By Doing by Boom Blockhead
  • Finance mod 2.0 by Mabb
  • Percentager - Slider Focus Percentages by Adrien Verhulst
  • TAG Mod by Bellwood Studios
  • UltimateAchievements by Chad Keating and Francesco Abbattista
  • TweakMod by Francesco Abbattista
  • Hints by pandavova
  • Camelot Expansion Pack by Chad Keating AKA SirEverard
  • Target Audience Hint Icons by Boom Blockhead
  • Hit games changes market share by Mabb
  • VacationTime by Jakk49

Game Version: 1.6.15

Platform: Windows

Distribution: Steam


@PatrickKlug this one also needs help


You may want to check when each of these mods was last updated, since GDT is version 1.6.x now. If you’ve been playing on Steam, then you will have automatically received the update; however, mods tend to lag behind a little.
There is also a case to be made on having two mods with the same name:

Notice the two mods named “Percentager.”
I don’t know exactly how GDT handles mods, but I know most programs get mad when you start introducing multiple files with the same name.

The most probable cause here is mod version and compatibility. Could you quick post which mods are orange?