Just bought your game after playing the pirate version for hours. Also, some thoughts and suggestions

I haven’t played the demo so I don’t know exactly how limited it is or whether it would have been enough to sell me, , but I wanted to let the team know that yes I did play the cracked copy, loved it, saw it was only $8, and whether or not I ever even start the game up again I figure the enjoyment I got just last night was worth it. Grats on the game; definitely a bit more fun and involving than Kairosoft’s game which I also enjoyed. I look forward to seeing the game hopefully evolve as well. Some things I’d like to see changed/added to the game:

1: Can the left click menu appear instantly instead of fading in?
2: Can we eventually decide how much to sell each individual game for?
3: Can we have a more in depth PR/marketing system?

For instance, each campaign could have different aspects to it that you could choose from - Magazine interviews, commercials on TV (Which channels? Which ones fit your target audience demographic?), web advertising (Which websites?) and the type of game and number of fans the series has (Yes let’s separate fans between your studio and each game franchise!) could determine its effectiveness,

Would you get more impressions advertising your space game in a sci fi magazine, or a general hobbyist magazine? Which magazine caters to more of your demographic vs. how much does it actually sell? Each PR outlet should also have its own rating within the industry. For example, you want to have an interview with a journalist? Which web site then do you choose? You want to go with GameZoom.com but maybe they aren’t being looked at favorably by the industry right now due to some scandal as to how they treated one of their journalists, so while they are promising you the most coverage for your interview, maybe in reality you wont get as much exposure because fans right now aren’t reading them and “boycotting” them.

You can see how far the rabbit hole can go with this, but I think the marketing aspect of this game has HUGE potential, almost like a mini game in itself. After all, marketing in the real world is indeed a huge part of your product’s success, and making a product a success is what this game is all about.

3: I know we have a 30 year game but we often dont want to see our progress end… Possible to have an unlimited time story mode? Maybe employees can have an age and retire at a certain time forcing you to hire again? I realize this may toss a wrench into announcing new game consoles, but for the sake of just making ti work, maybe you could just recycle the same console graphics with different colors and random names?

That’s all for now. Thanks again for the game.

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  1. You can actually keep playing past year 30. You just don’t get more score :slight_smile: I think if you hit 30 years and still WANT MORE that’s kind of the point haha. Time to New game+ it :slight_smile:

For a longer game, there is a 35-year option, but as said above, there is no end to the game, only an end to the scripted events (like new platform releases, etc). Since the event timings are now dynamic (calculated on the game length), there’s no reason @PatrickKlug couldn’t add a 50-year option for Marathon-Speed games.

How exaxcly do you continue on past 30 years? Once my game was “finished” it was paused and would not continue .

I played a ‘35-year’ game to 52 years by simply not stopping. Then I got bored, gave up and started a new save.

there is a bug in the current version which prevented continuing the game. Fix will be included in the next update. Since you own a legal copy now (thanks for buying it) you should be able to continue once the update is available :slight_smile:

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Yes after I downloaded from he email link i deleted all the prior file. Havent made it to 30 years yet to see how it goes though. Thanks for making a gripping game for us OCD folks. Also voted for you on greenlight.

haven’t played the pirated or full version yet but have played the demo and have a question…

How long do the 30 years take. The first 5 seemed to go pretty fast.

Just wondering how gameplay is at the higher level and keeping up with tasks while it eats into those 30 years.

Thanks in advance.