Just another GDT ideas thread

I really love GDT and it’s one of my favorite games ever. I want to put some ideas I had for a LONG time. I’m sorry if the devs aren’t working on GDT anymore/don’t have major updates planned, but MAYBE these can be used for a hypotetical GDT 2?

(sorry for my bad english)


Expansion Packs/DLC: Would be a really nice thing. I don’t like only releasing DLC for MMOs, would be better if you could release DLCs for all games. Unlocks after the Super TES releases.
Multi-topic: You can select 2 genres, why not 2 topics? Zelda is a Fantasy-Medieval/RPG, Minecraft is a Construction-Fantasy/Simulation-Casual game, Mario is a Superheroes/Action-Platformer, etc.
Set game price: Set the game’s price! Minimum Free, maximum $300. Free games won’t give you money unless you make DLCs/Add in-game purchases.

Custom Game Engine/R&D Lab/Hardware Lab Unlocks

In-game purchases: Unlocks after the mBox releases.
Real 3D: Like the 3DS can. You could be able to release a game with real 3D that looks as more real than real life. You can research Real 3D V1, V2, V3, and finally V4. V1 is a bit less than the 3DS’ 3D, V2 is the 3DS’ 3D, V3 is way better than the 3D’s 3D, while V4 is more real than real life. Works well with Horror and 3D Graphics V5/V6/V7.
Console add-ons: Well, there’s the 32X, 64DD, EyeToy, etc. Why can’t you make an Add-on to your console?


Channel E: The Channel F. Short for Channel Entertainment. Released by Funchild. Only available in 42 years mode. Removed 3 years after.
Latari 2300: Based on the Atari 2600. Only available in 42 years mode.
Virtualing: The GDT equivalent of the Virtual Boy. Is taken off the market 1 year after its release.
Gameling Future: The Gameling Color doesn’t need to be added, but the Gameling Future (Game Boy Advance) is MUCH needed. It’s 32-bit and has better graphics than the OG Game Boy. Replaced by the GS 4 years later. Only available in 42 years mode.
Vena Venus: Come on! Lost opportunity not to include it. It’s the Sega Saturn.
TES 64FD: Stands for T(?) Entertainment System 64 Floppy Disk. Removed from the market 8 months later.

Topics and Genres

We NEED more topics and genres. Hack’n’slash, Beat’em up, Arcade, Adult, Work, Psychological Horror, Platformers, Shooter, Gacha (no not the game series, Gacha is a game genre), Party, Social deduction, Idle, Casino, Breakout, Trading Card, Typing, Battle Royale, Tower defense, etc., aren’t on the game. I could be putting 200+ genres and Topics here, but I want to keep it short. Because there are dozens of genres that can be added, Genres might need to be researched like Topics.


MAYBE, by Y8, the player could develop games for series or movies. You opened a menu, selected the series/movie, and develop it. It would work like developing games for other companies to publish, except they can’t choose the platform and requires your game to get a good review score and be profitable (sell 1M+ more than the production price).

The player also could be able to create handhelds, PCs, and actually customize them, making custom specs, custom designs, etc.


That’s it. Thank you Greenheart for making this great game. I know Greenheart’s only employees are 2 brothers, and they’re making another game, but this is just a post in a forum, that doesn’t mean Greenheart needs to do everything here right now.

With love,

     ~~~ Oofas the Oofasaur