It's been months


I’ve been here for months now and now where is my regular badge?

I’m just worried.
Did I do something sh*t?


My regular badge is gone too, because I’m not ‘awarded multiple times’. But I do have Trust Level 3, GHG has made a new badge system so all the badges are reset I think.

Edit: Nevermind, it’s still there.


So how I can get my regular badge back like before?


I don’t know. But why do you want it back? It only gives acces to the Lounge and that’s the only thing.


when a “regular”, you get:
-followed links
-more likes
-a shiny silver badge


I just realized

"Trust Level: member"
now I don’t have the shiny silver badge D:


tbh you’re not that active anymore


Oh, my bad.

No dude, it’s called: “Agent Clearance Level: Member”


I’ve realized this too, I don’t have it anymore. It makes me a so sad. ;-;


You’re all saying you’re sad. I’m 3 posts off (counting this one) from reaching 1000 posts. That’s right. I was on this forum for three goddamn years and I quit before I reached 1,000 posts. I also lost my regular badge about a year and a half ago, when I first went inactive.

Nowadays, I spend my time browsing reddit, and browsing reddit.


blame my mom and osu!.

I haven’t seen any doors that I’d need to have a certain ‘level’ to open


Because it makes me feel more alive in this forum.
No joke.


So it’s for show


Yup. Not only that.

Besides. I’m freaking out here! :tired_face:


why don’t you join reddit
maybe there is a subreddit that interests you


While Reddit is a good site, it’s filled with jerks that downvote comments that don’t match their opinions. And if there are many jerks that see your comment, you can get 20-500 downvotes which is total bs.

You will ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


not. reddit…

devilish mumbles


on reddit or anywhere on the internet, you do not, I repeat, YOU DO NOT POST YOUR OPINION.
people will usually scold you for it


There are many subreddits that require your opinion, it’s hard to NOT post your opinion on Reddit if someone asks your opinion.


if you need to post your opinion, keep it backed up by facts as much as possible.