Is this ever will be the case?


It’s been a few years since i asked this last time (i don’t remember if i asked it here or on steam), but will there ever be more employees? It’s ridiculous that you can’t make proper AAA game, because you can’t assign right people. You have 9 stages in the development, but only 7 people to actually do it (and most of the time those fitting for the development stage are already too tired to do it correctly). And because of it there is only RNG that decides if you will be able to get 10/10 AAA game. If not, is there any mod that adds those 2 extra employees?

And no, i’m not asking about your opinion on the matter.


I don’t believe anything other than opinions can be posted, mate.

I’m just gonna say that it most likely won’t happen, it is quite annoying, yes, but if you just train your employees and set them up for certain divisions, then it might make AAA games easier to make, that’s the best advice I can give you.


It’s not about it being hard. I was able to get 11/10 on AAA game. It’s just annoying how random it is.
Also opinion is part of discussion, i don’t want a discussion, i just want someone more experienced in this forum, or having more knowledge about community to dispel my doubts. Which is not a opinion, but a fact. Opinion is when someone tried to argue that you can do this, that and that and get 10/10 on AAA no problem, when i didn’t even asked for advice in the first place. I experienced this behavior too many times not to end my post on “i’m not asking about your opinion” or something similar since people like to be right, even if it’s irrelevant to the topic.


I highly doubt you need someone “experienced” to state so called “facts” when in the end those would also be opinions because you can’t say something is a fact when it really isn’t, stuff like this would be hard to code simply, but to your answer for a mod there was a part in the GDT Tag Mod where people saw there might be “floors” in the 3rd stage, so that could fix your problem but really, if you want the most professional answer you should ask the GDT Tag Mod dev (I don’t know if he’d respond) or Email the developers of the game itself, but I feel like their answer would be that they won’t develop an update to do that.


Floors doesn’t guarantee more employees


“Might” and “Could” are key words here.



…Then I will then try to go with Garage only game without any bigger games. I will see how many tried will it take for me to get through after last few years of not playing.

Also:I didn’t mean literal facts, just i don’t remember more fitting word for it. I do remember there being one, just don’t remember which one :neutral_face: