Is it hard to hit 8,9 and 10s in this game?


I haven’t been able to hit any good/high score in this game!

I have followed the games’ categories and still highest I’ve gotten are 5s.

Any advise?

Thanks in advanced!


The Algorithm looks at the stages and the time allocation, combined with topic, genre and platform match. You also need to keep developing newer and better engines and train up your staff once you unlock the bigger offices. Also do not use the same genre and topic twice in a row.


If I’m making an action+ (matching genre, like military, mythology etc.) game I usually do
Stage 1: Engine 100% Gamepaly 95% Story 10-20%
Stage 2: Dialogues: 10-15% Level Design: 95% A.I: 100%
Stage 3: World: ~50% Graphics 100% Sound 95%
and on the PC

This should get you at least 7+ games consistently



Thanks so much!

I will try all these steps!