Is Game Dev Tycoon Dying?

GDT Is soo dead.
I mean UltimateLib is dead.
And some of the mod making software are basicly:Have no good features. example:Console Maker Feature. And some mod making software is broken or dosent work.
Some mods take tooo time to publish and i get bored in the game too quickly…
If only Ultimate Lib Was Fixed
"Wish we could fast forward time, to the mordern days"


"Is Game Dev Tycoon Dieing?"
More like,
“Is Game Dev Tycoon Dying?”

Community is not dead {Kind of}

True[quote=“FEGELIEN, post:1, topic:21902”]
And some of the mod making software are basicly:Have no good features. example:Console Maker Feature.

Either the person have little or no skill with JavaScript

Some of the mods are meant to be tools, like the Spartan Project.

                                Matrix Pariody

Take the Red Pill, Rushed Mod, Crashing, Bad Reviews, Caused the application to crash completely.
Take the Blue Pill, Moderate Review, Enjoyable Mod.

This is anyways Developers Decision. Similar to how Kickstarter Games gets cancelled.

Sadly its moved to the past, we can only look further into the future.

We will have to wait and see what the world has to offer us.

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Yep.Anyway Java Is easy i just saw that.
So its easy to learn.

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Its possible they are just too L.A.Z.Y :confused:

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UltimateLib is dead, the community is still semi-active. It’s not dead.

You need to learn JavaScript for this game. Go ahead and sign up at

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Good things require much time and hard work. For some unknown reason, I have a feeling that an awesome mod will come about within a month or so… :smirk:


Yeah, your mod if you finished it early and there’s a mod that changes the interface and makes it look great!

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Well, is it surprising? i mean the game was released in 2012, so it was it’s 4th anniversary last year on december the 10th. Honestly, i think the success GDT had was massive on a indie scale. It certainly benefitted from the youtube “advertisement” (just ppl playing the game on youtube), for me personally, sips.

So is it at all surprising? nah. The mod support in it’s prime helped rejuvenate interest, but then the modders started dropping like flies and idk, got kidnapped (especially darkly!), And as good as GDT is, there’s only so many times you can re-play, even with mods, but that goes for the majority of games. I mean, at the time i was still playing minecraft, but i can’t even touch the game without being instantly bored now; no matter the “game mode”.

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I don’t know what do do with such a question. So many players nowadays seem to talk about whether this or that game is dead or dying but a single player game cannot die. Anyway, even if we use the metric of active players then Game Dev Tycoon is definitely still alive. Many people still play the game and we are fortunate that our community is still active and that there are modders working on things too.

I should also say that while the Ulimate Mod Editor has done a tremendous job to open up modding to the masses it has never really encouraged quality mods. Sure there were many many more mods coming out on a weekly basis when UME was still actively supported but they largely all added the same things (topics, platforms and research). I think it was always the advanced modders that really added to the game and while many have been inactive there is nothing stopping anyone from coming out with a great mod in the future but even if no new mod appears, Game Dev Tycoon will still remain Game Dev Tycoon. It’s simply not a game that’s meant to be played forever on a daily basis and we always said that we’d rather do a proper sequel (after Game #2) instead of turning GDT into a “game as a service”.

If you are bored of GDT, play some other games and who knows, in a few years you might want to start it up again.


It’s always an interesting read when @PatrickKlug grants us his presence :raised_hands:


Very true!

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Not those mind blowing gif.
It makes my mind blows to the next level

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