iOS Release Report Nr. 4: Good News

Comments for our fourth report on our GDT mobile release:


Going great I see

Congrats guys! Really glad to see you’ve made a profit. I’m guessing there won’t be any more iOS features, but it seems reasonable to expect another 20k or so in sales. 70k profit sounds pretty good for an indie company. And it sounds like Android is going to be even better, if the numbers in beta are anything to go by. Next up, Switch! I imagine you’ve heard all the headlines about how well games are selling on Switch, the most recent being Super Meat Boy selling almost as well as it did on Xbox 360 back in 2010. Think about it!

Looking forward to hearing more about Tavern Keeper!

I can’t wait to the update on pc. I had it on pc, but I wanted the new update so I Bougth it on my iphone​:grinning: Edit: Bad at English :frowning:

And I wish I had an iOS device, then I’d buy it for sure

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I’m still playing as a day 1 iOS buyer.

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Great to hear :slight_smile:

Can anyone please let me know if this game is going to get released on any other iOS app stores, are there plans or is it still too expensive to release outside the US store? I am in South Africa I would like to buy it for my iPhone…please

It is in Norway :slight_smile:

Sorry but we couldn’t release in South Africa because South Africa has a mandatory rating system for downloadable games and we have tried and failed multiple times to get through the bureaucracy of that system. As soon as this changes or is easier to do, we’ll try to release in South Africa too.

What percent of piracy do you predict for Android? 90%? 95%?

Guess you could say GDT is Banned from South Africa. :frowning:

Well, I’m guessing people are less likely to pirate mobile apps seeing as its a pain in the ass to get stuff like that on your phone etc, and its impossible to predict piracy rate.

@JustMaffie Yeah but with Android people could just download the APK and sideload it. It’s a really easy process…

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Google Play has DRM… And ain’t a 90 or 95 percent piracy rate a slight bit too high…? /shrug

My guess is that for Android it’ll be like Game Dev Tycoon on a piracy mode.:stuck_out_tongue: