iOS Release Report Nr. 3: Game of the Day!


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It’s sad that f2p is jackpot because most of those games only make jackpot off of rich players in p2w. I met a player that spent 200k in one game and 8k in the game I met him in. He doesn’t work, has loads of money, and only plays p2w because he has the money to win wherever he plays. And there’s many more players just like him that spend massive amounts of money to win. P2W/F2P has ruined the gaming industry (unless you’re the one making money).

I used to buy a game and loved every game I bought. Now everything is free and 9 out of 10 times it’s not fun anymore after 15m-1h. In the past year I have probably tried 100 f2p games and only enjoyed 5-10 of them. On top of that I never spent money on them because it’s set up to where you better spend hundreds of dollars or nothing at all.

If y’all ever make IAP, please make the $4.99 IAPs valuable. I always find that anything under $99.00 sounds valuable at first but then after you progress in the game it becomes worthless. If $4.99 IAPs were actually valuable and the value lasts throughout the game, I wouldn’t mind spending a lot more money in a game if the developers would make the initial value of the purchase continue to hold it’s worth throughout the entire game. Normally the value of $100 becomes the value of $1.00 or even $0.00 after progressing to end-game.


Any idea when Part 4 will be up? Really loving what your doing and all the data and stats you’re giving us. Also had no idea you guys were Aussie great to see a qld company doing so well


I’ll probably write another report next week. There have been fairly big drops since this last report so waiting a little longer seems sensible, then we have more data to share.


Great to see the sales pick up! Congrats guys!

How much work would it be to port to Switch? Would it be easier than ioS and Android once you have that port architecture down? The Switch markets new games well - you’d be in the ‘new’ section of the store for at least a week, you’d probably be in a Nindies direct, and the library is tiny compared to phones. Also, switch users are a much better market for a premium product than your average phone user. I think the games lends itself well to Switch, especially in handheld mode. Especially if you offered a demo, I’d be surprised for you to not have stronger sales than ioS.

Either way, good luck with the future sales, and I look forward to hear more about your next game


I find these reports both very insightful into how (actual) Game Developement works and very interesting. Never really had a chance to see into the process like this, and as someone who has often toyed with developing an app it’s very appreciated to get a glimpse into that world… Thanks for sharing! Glad things are looking up for you guys. I’m one of the many eagerly anticipating the android release so hopefully you will do even better there.


Thanks for the consistent updates. Really appreciated by us devs.
I’d love to see a 1 month and 3 month update to get the whole picture. I, and probably others, are super curious to see how this drama unfolds and if you make back your investment.


You talk about the tax implications of being in Australia. Y’all should really become an Estonian E-Resident ( and ring up an invoice on your new Estonian company for the profit in Australia. Sadly, you then have the side effect of double taxation when you go to pay yourself back with profits (but hey, if your outsourced dev’s are in Europe… profit?)


I am very happy to share that I was a pirate but reformed and bought your game


Any update?


Any update?


Amy news when is the world wide ios app store release I am from South Africa


Update will come mid-January but I’m happy to say that we are break-even now!


Any news on world wide appstore release?


These blog posts are extremely fascinating. Thanks for sharing!


Really interesting article. Goes a long way of explaining the current app store situation with f2p games. I remember when the ios app store was first about, most games were premium, free games were usually demos of the full game. The prices though were the same across the board, 59p for a phone app and 79p for a tablet app. Then the prices started creeping up and eventually f2p and iap started to rule.
That being said, the costs involved in bringing an app out are crazy high and the returns can be a big struggle for an indie developer. You can’t really blame devs for iap (well maybe EA). If this app was sold for 79p then they would never make a profit and the developer would probably go bust, well lets be honest, you’d look at the costs involved and go “Nope”

Good luck with the app, I will be purchasing when it hits the android store and I can’t wait for Tavern Keeper!


That’s awesome!