iOS Release Report: Day 2 and 3 – Steady Improvements

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Hey, thanks for keep us informed about this. There is no need but I like this kind of transparency. I hope the sales keep going up. You deserve it after all this work. It seems harder than it seems to develop a game (even harder than to get 4 10s :upside_down_face:) I expect more people to know you. BTW I’m exited too about the new game “Tavern Keeper”, I hope we can see it finally in 2018. Greetings!

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Keep up the good work! Great to hear there’s an upward trend.

I’m Looking forward to following the updates to come! You should include some pictures or a video so we can get to know you guys a bit better.

I haven’t played GDT in over a year, I’m not even sure how long, but reading these reports is like playing GDT 2.0, getting all this in-depth data. Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

I’ve buy the game on desktop (before the steam version), and I know the mobile app where nearly to launch, but i’ve missed the release and bought the game only today, not seen promotion of the game in France, and fortunately she’s int the top game on the app store.

So, thanks for the game, one of my favorites <3, no problems to me on iPhone X.

For the game, I think it’s too expensive for the app store, and I think you will have the same issue on the play store. Many of mobile users are not ready to paid. Sadly, only the freemium work now on this devices. Even Mario Run didn’t work so well unless the promotion of the game. Really hates pay-to-win, but you should think of it, a second app and the real version stay at this price, and also a free trial version :wink:

@PatrickKlug I left the game 5 star review.
I gotta be honest with you, it’s very brutal to play it on piracy mode. It starts from the first game you make and well…it’s brutal.
Somehow I’ll make it. I made it to the second office, but I have to start a new game.:stuck_out_tongue:
I am very eager to see the last stage and consoles.

@Esteban_Goulet I don’t think the game is too expensive for the App Store :slight_smile: It’s perfect. And App Store doesn’t allow trials :slight_smile:

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GHG team,

I’m 100% with Jamie_Cook. I have enjoyed getting to know your team more over the last few days. As for the in app purchases, I think you are missing something the steam marketplace has… workshop. As there is not really a way to collaborate ideas on a mobile app, I think you still have options to allow for in app enhancements, that aren’t around the ‘premium’ model. No need to offer cash or even training points, etc, but you miss the point that you could offer updates or ‘expansions’ in a way. while mobile apps are often ‘expanded’ via an update, as the dev team, you make little to no money off your loyal following. A buck or two would not be that far off base for new experiences. What happens after the third office? Is the R&D lab and making our own consoles the end of it? It seems like there is a number of endless opportunities in the world of game dev. Example being just that: the game has squeals, but what about updates?

@boughtitforios makes a great point, the app store doesn’t offer free trials, but I have been known to get the ‘limited’ free version of a game (say, you get to make a game or two) and then upgrade for the full version once I realize it’s enjoyable enough for me to invest time and money into.

Food for thought and my two cents. Great work and keep it up!

It’s really refreshing to see devs be this open. I don’t have an iOS device, and to be perfectly honest I don’t think I’ll get it on Android because I don’t use my phone much and already put quite a few hours in it on steam. I might change my mind, though, just because I like you guys.

I saw in the previous thread that you might port to Switch as well. If you do, I’d be much more likely to pick it up on that. Nintendo are pretty good at promoting indie companies: if you ported to Switch, you’d probably be mentioned in a Nintendo direct, which would be great publicity. And the Switch library is so much smaller that you’d naturally be seen by lots of players. So that’s definitely worth a consideration. It probably isn’t worth a significant resource investment, but if it wouldn’t be as much of a problem as iOS and Android were, it’s definitely worth some consideration.

Either way, it’s nice to see an update from you guys, and I’m sorry that the release hasn’t gone as well as you’d hoped. I’m very much looking forward to Tavern Keeper, though!


Just wanted to give big props to you guys, i really appreciate how transparent you’re being with this! <3 I’m looking forward to trying it out when the Android version is released :slight_smile:

Another great report, glad the numbers are steadily climbing. Hopefully when you launch for us Android users, you won’t get the weird link problems and will be able to get more early impulse buyers that aren’t already familiar with the game.

I use a Gmail account, and though I can’t remember where your emails ended up initially, I filter them to end up in my Updates tab as that’s the one I pay the most attention to. It actually bugs me a lot that you can’t name and configure your own tabs with your own categories, because I have plenty that I just have to pick a weird place to put it (usually based on priority), and I’m never satisfied with that. Anyway, if you think it would help, you might consider adding a tutorial for how to change which tab your emails go for Gmail users on the website and maybe when people subscribe. I suppose you could also send it in an email, but there’s some obvious problems with that method.

This is a minor thing, but the app icon for Game Dev Tycoon is blurred on the desktop app store. It’s fine on mobile devices, but the full-scale icon shows clear signs of .jpeg artifacts.

Saw this game got released yesterday, i instantly bought it and have played it constantly since then. Really fun game.


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Hello !

Thank you very much for sharing your launch experience ! This is highly interesting, plus I cannot recall of a more customer-friendly business than yours ! :grinning:
The effort and passion you put both into your game and into customer satisfaction is really heart-warming !
Thank you very much for your games, i learned about your Tavern Keeper project through the blog and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.
I’m also patiently waiting for your android release which I’ll make sure to buy on day one :wink:
Good luck with your mobile GDT port and your future games, the world does not deserve companies like yours but surely crave it ! :grin:

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I stumbled across a thread on some forum discussing ZX Spectrum games, and there was a game I loved playing on it back in the day, so thought I’d see if there was a mobile version. The game was called Millionaire and was also a game developer sim. (If you’ve not heard of it or played it, it’s very basic but you’d get a kick out of it with the similarities)

This was on launch day of your app, and I came across this doing a search for that game.

Main reason for purchase, design, high reviews and the holy grail for me, no in app purchases. Glorious.

I am hooked, like championship/football manager levels of hooked. About to buy the steam version as well.

I honestly believed that the game had been on the App Store for a few years, and wasn’t aware of a steam version.

Anyway, big fan here. Keep up the awesome work.

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My two cents regarding Apple App Store:

I bought your game on 8 Dec.
I was looking specifically for “tycoon” type games with no In-App Purchases and with 4+ star rating.
So I searched for “tycoon” and had to meticulously scroll my way through a list of about 20 games paying attention to a rather fine “In-App Purchases” print. I would have ordinarily given up if I could not find anything in top 10 but I had time to kill.

My conclusion: it is not easy to find a good premium game (without In-App Purchases) in Apple Store. I believe this is due to App Store limitations more than anything.

P.S. Very happy with the purchase. Please move your buts and make more :slight_smile:

Well yeah but this version isn’t supposed to be optimised for PC considering, you know, that is the iOS version