Invalid mod, cannot update on workshop


I recently decided to update one of my mods. Now, once i select the correct folder, it says that this folder contains an invalid mod. I can’t get this to work. It used to work before, like a year ago but I cant update it anymore. Ask me if I need to provide files.
EDIT: The mod works on the workshop just fine and the files are correctly named.


do you have any other mods in that folder, perhaps?


EDIT: did something change about the updating process?


Ugh, it’s been so long that I forgot it needs to be the folder that contains the files, while I was checking the folder itself only. Everything is fine, I\m just a bit slow, haha. Insta panic, post a thread on the forums :stuck_out_tongue:


no worries! thanks for confirming that it all still works :slight_smile: