I'm Sorry, Greenheart Games

Hi, I write this because i have game dev tycoon that is cracked. There’s no protection in v1.6.15 for me. So i play it without paying.
I want to buy the game but i have no money.
I will buy the game if i have the money.
I know, you need the money from the game you make. Hope you understand. Please Don’t call me like “you stupid” I actually feel bad for using the cracked one.

I’m not saying it’s okay or not okay to pirate a game in any sort of way. I do want to point out that I’m sure they know there is cracked versions out there that people use. As a game dev myself (beginner) I’d appreciate this apology. I’ve seen time and time again that many devs understand that you aren’t able to buy their game, I don’t know how they feel though. I have seen things that say pirating leads to sales and I have seen it first hand. I’m sure whenever you are able to pay for it, do it and it’ll be understandable

Well, I apologize because the game protection. You know the DRM on the game dev tycoon right? The one make everybody pirate your game and you became bankrupt.
I didn’t really want to buy but seeing the pirate effect on the DRM that making a company bankrupt… Well then i think about the game. 80 percent of the player is pirating GDT so it could make the developer not getting enough money on their hardwork.

@TotalPoorGamer, there isn’t any hard DRM. The cracked version that causes a game over in Level 2 was a fake version after GDT got pirated a lot; it was just the same as the files of the current version at the time, however they modified some scripts for the game that causes this.

I admit to Pirating the game at first (yes i am poor) but i loved the game and eventually bought it on Steam and Android… Pirating is my main way to test a game without limits, if i like it i buy it and if i dont like it i uninstall to save space.

Thank you for a great game and please bring modding support to android