I'm Sorry, Greenheart Games

Hi, I write this because i have game dev tycoon that is cracked. There’s no protection in v1.6.15 for me. So i play it without paying.
I want to buy the game but i have no money.
I will buy the game if i have the money.
I know, you need the money from the game you make. Hope you understand. Please Don’t call me like “you stupid” I actually feel bad for using the cracked one.

I’m not saying it’s okay or not okay to pirate a game in any sort of way. I do want to point out that I’m sure they know there is cracked versions out there that people use. As a game dev myself (beginner) I’d appreciate this apology. I’ve seen time and time again that many devs understand that you aren’t able to buy their game, I don’t know how they feel though. I have seen things that say pirating leads to sales and I have seen it first hand. I’m sure whenever you are able to pay for it, do it and it’ll be understandable

Well, I apologize because the game protection. You know the DRM on the game dev tycoon right? The one make everybody pirate your game and you became bankrupt.
I didn’t really want to buy but seeing the pirate effect on the DRM that making a company bankrupt… Well then i think about the game. 80 percent of the player is pirating GDT so it could make the developer not getting enough money on their hardwork.

@TotalPoorGamer, there isn’t any hard DRM. The cracked version that causes a game over in Level 2 was a fake version after GDT got pirated a lot; it was just the same as the files of the current version at the time, however they modified some scripts for the game that causes this.

I admit to Pirating the game at first (yes i am poor) but i loved the game and eventually bought it on Steam and Android… Pirating is my main way to test a game without limits, if i like it i buy it and if i dont like it i uninstall to save space.

Thank you for a great game and please bring modding support to android

@TotalPoorGamer I don’t mean any offense but if you still haven’t been able to purchase the game it’s on sale on steam for 4.45$ right now and because I love this game and the devs I’d be willing to purchase it for you if you would like. If you still want it private message me I think your email is all I’d need to gift it but I’m not sure

Even though you pirated the game, I commend you for doing the right thing and buying the game, and for both platforms at that. Although for those of us that stick to following the rules, we end up paying for something regardless of whether or not we like the product, which always comes with risk, but then those who don’t follow rules and laws in order to circumvent the hassle, it becomes unfair in a way.

This was very chivalrous of you to offer to buy this game for the guy. I had a guy offer to buy me Myst III & IV and he did, it was so nice of him. :slight_smile:

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I also pirated GDT, I bought GDT, but only on mobile, and I didn’t want to buy it again to play on my PC, so I pirated it. I feel really bad for pirating it as well, I think I’ll buy it again on Steam soon.