I'm looking for a Mattel mod!


Yes! Mattel made 2 game consoles. One was the Intellivison (1980) and one was the HyperScan (2006). I tried to find a mod on the Steam Workshop but no results were found! Can someone try to show me a mod that has Mattel consoles?


Wow, this looks soo cool!



I mean find a mod with the Mattel consoles! Not show me a picture of one of the short-lived and awful gaming consoles!


I know, this wasn’t really meant as an answer to your question (sorry) but just wanted to share the image here because I’ve never heard of it.

If anyone wants to make a mod that adds this console, here is the documentation that explains how to do that:


Not a chance mister! I started during summer and I don’t know how to make mods yet! Find me a mod and don’t mistake it or else I’ll punch you with this!