I'm looking for a Mattel mod!


Yes! Mattel made 2 game consoles. One was the Intellivison (1980) and one was the HyperScan (2006). I tried to find a mod on the Steam Workshop but no results were found! Can someone try to show me a mod that has Mattel consoles?


Wow, this looks soo cool!



I mean find a mod with the Mattel consoles! Not show me a picture of one of the short-lived and awful gaming consoles!


I know, this wasn’t really meant as an answer to your question (sorry) but just wanted to share the image here because I’ve never heard of it.

If anyone wants to make a mod that adds this console, here is the documentation that explains how to do that:


Not a chance mister! I started during summer and I don’t know how to make mods yet! Find me a mod and don’t mistake it or else I’ll punch you with this!


Hey, Good news, im making it!!!

its gonna be kinda weird cause its gonna be more of a failure console mod but ye!


I love it! When it’s done! Tell me the name and I’ll do it! But be sure to add the announcements. Good luck! :wink::+1:t2:


Youre in Luck this mod was easy so here is the download :slight_smile: hope you enjoy!


also if you can please also download my personal mod!


and do you want me to add the powerglove?


You didn’t put it on Steam Workshop! Can you do that?


i doubt i can but i will try. Even tho you could just go to the first link and hit download.


how do you post on the workshop?


Try watching this video for example.
Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NTNx_5DcpAk


Avectus, where’s the mod on the Steam Workshop! Watch this YouTube video, it might help ya! Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NTNx_5DcpAk


Thats only for the game unturned. I tried to but i cant get it to work:( But seriously i a bought unturned and its fun!


also just click my link and hit download for the mega.nz site link i posted!
its basically medifire or torrent


It won’t work like that to me! Just try to watch a tutorial on how to post a mod on the Steam Workshop! I can’t wait for this mod much longer! :angry:


I watched it tho. Also why cant you just download it off mega???


I dont have the steam version in this post that @PatrickKlug posted: How to publish a mod to Steam Workshop i have the version off the microsoft store!!!


So if you want me to put the mod somewhere besides mega thats not steam i can do it(Probably again dont quote me!)!


What website?