I'm Back... and have a little sneak peek for you guys


So, if you remember me from the never finished “More Ninvento” Mod : I’m back, and I’m giving you a little preview what I’m working on, hopefully this time I’ll be able to finish a mod first before losing interest in it ^^
Oh and please note that those graphics aren’t final and will improve over time, so don’t judge them just yet

Write down your guesses and in a few weeks I may be ready to reveal what this project is all about… :smiley:


Don’t want to make you look stupid… But the first thing I notice when I read this post is, I have no clue who you are. The second thing I notice is this, [quote=“hi5gameslp, post:1, topic:22227, full:true”]

Wright down your guesses and in a few weeks I may be ready to reveal what this project is all about… :smiley:

Looks fine wright?
Wrong its “Write”.

Sorry I just get annoyed by those types of mistakes, carry on. :grin:


No problem, haven’t really looked into this thread a lot, but thanks for the correction ^^
Oh and no problem that you don’t know me, I still wonder if anyone who is still active here know about the more ninvento mod, as I released the first pre alpha of it like 3 years ago ^^


I don’t pay much attention to mods, but I wish you good luck with your project.


making progress here…


Those are lot of monthly costs lol


Probably for debug reasons.


yep, using a cheat mod for checking the release dates… it all has its purpose ^^


Why is it when anyone ever says “I’m Back” i have no idea who the heck they are?


“I’m back!”
“Back who?”
"No, I am back!"
Everybody reacts "Hello, sir ‘I am Back’."


I see that a mini Wii is going to be its own platform, why is that?


Is this even still happening?


I wonder what you want to do with the “Telsun” (Coleco Telstar) and the “Color Tele-Game” (Color TV-Game from Nintendo)…
These two platforms are pong consoles. That means you can’t program Games for it because they can only play Pong…

I see you’ve got the “Journey” (Magnavox Odyssey) too. I’m ok with it because you could do some different games for it. But what the fuck? That one got no grafics and the games don’t have any programmed rules.

But however. If you want to let the Game start in 73 you should include to release Games on Arcade Machines. Because thats the only way to go.
I’d rather consider to start in 76 with the Fairchild Channel F and than Atari 2600, Bally Astocade, Intellivision and so on. Would make more sence to me.

By the way: “Futureview” looks like an Colecovision? I think it would be better to give it a more obvious name.


I used to work on this a lot, especially the graphics, but since the finals come closer and closer I tend to use my time more for school than this project.
My Isometric grid thread was part of the development of this mod.

The idea behind the “Pong consoles” was more that the console manufacture would approach you and give you a contract to develop a game for such a console and they would sell it.
Of course Income would be rather low, but you can gain a lot of fans with this.
The Hardware is still the same, but you change the software on it, so you would only be able to use Text graphics and 2d graphics v1.