If Greenheart Games acquired other studios for porting the game to Consoles, Smartphones and Tablets. Is it a good idea?


Well I know that other studios can port games like these Examples:

  • 4J Studios Ported Minecraft to all Consoles like Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo consoles.

  • Sumo Digital Developed LittleBigPlanet 3 with other studios like Tasier, Supermassive etc. for the PS3 and PS4

  • Crash of the Titans did have Ported to portable consoles from Other studios as well.

Isn’t it good for them for agree their deal to port Game Dev Tycoon with another developer, while Greenheart will focus more on their original works. So it might be Time consuming or good for them? What do you think from your opinion. Feel free to answer.


I don’t really see someone playing GDT on a Playstation or an Xbox, but I think it would work well on mobile devices.


They’re an indie developer. Despite the success of Game Dev Tycoon, i doubt they have the financial power to go splashing cash and buying other devleopers (but who knows, maybe they do?).


Port to the Switch?