Ideas to Game Dev Tycoon

Hi! There is my ideas to game:
1.COMPETITION TABLE - Please add a competition table (It will show the Top3 companies, which will be ranked based on how much money they have. The fourth company will be below the three and it will be the player’s. And when the player is in the Top3, it will replace the competitor what is (in terms of order) behind the player.
2.GRID PLATFORM - Please add the option to name your distribution platform (GRID would be the default name.) Also add the ability to further develop your platform (Add Uptades, discounts, games for sale, etc …). Only for those uptades - the possibilities of uptades should be explored in the V&V Laboratory (Example of uptades - Have XX games there at once, develop a Workshop, Allow the creation of developer accounts, etc …) Each uptade would increase earnings more and more. And it would also be in the table about the platform to see how many people have an account on the platform, how many copies of the game are sold, etc …
3.MOBILE PLATFORMS - I know you added grPhone, but it would be great to add Dandroid Phone (Similar to Android.)
4.PC PLATFORMS - You’ve added a PC and G64 and mPad, but it would be great if you added a Nacbook (similar to a Macbook.)
The functions probably follow from the name.
Please add the possibility to develop games already on the Atari 2600. There would be lesser-known platforms, such as SWAN, etc … You could also pre-design the PS5 and mBox Next designs.
7.GAMELING - You could add the possibility that there would not be only one Gameling, but there would be three (Gameling, Gameling Color, Gameling Advance)
8. BROWSER APPLICATIONS - A new platform, Browser Games, would be added. These games would not bring in too much revenue, but it would allow you to reach an even larger audience and gain more fans.
9. DEVELOPING YOUR OWN PCS - This option would allow you to develop your own PCs and laptops
10. OWN ORDERS - Other developers have orders for games, but why not make your own?

Thanks for reading this ideas!

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Hi, I find that there are some interesting ideas.

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