Ideas that are easy to implement

  1. More Game Types
  2. Patches for MMO
  3. Option to release patches and dlc for the games we develop.
  4. Get rid of the FPS drop in the third office.
  5. Expand the hardware and research and development labs
  6. New Research topics for MMO(Free to play, PVP, Operations, Warzones)
  7. fix the bug where your game sells more than your own custom console.
  8. Fix white-screen bug

Easy to implement?

Do you think they intentionally drop the FPS in the office?


The MMOs as is in game are actually buy to play, they have no mechanic for sub fees let alone creating one to do a game store free to play games require to earn enough for maintainance, let alone profit.

There already is a mechanic to patch games if they need them. DLC is a common request to add.

Hardware/Research Lab expansion is just as popular, but very few make any suggestions of what to include in the lab. So, if you want more then you might want to embellish on the thought. The sales numbers with consoles are just an issue of 2 different variables, I’m surprised no one has suggested changing the total for consoles into a percentage of marketshare instead.

And finally if you want more game types included you should be more specific. What do you feel isn’t being represented and why do you think it should be included?

I see a rough draft here that needs a lot of embellishment if you don’t want to be ignored. A lot of it is already listed elsewhere, specifically if you click here.

Two things that bugs me in this great game is:

  1. When I forget to give my new engine or Game a name there is no way to change it. The engine name should be possible to change anytime, and the game name should be possible to change until release of the game.
  2. When my employees starts getting tired seconds after starting a new big game. It should be possible to pause the development so they could go on vacation, or at least trash the game before reaching the end of developing.

I think those are small things to change and it would increase the game play alot. Maybe you didn’t push the gameplay slider high enough :wink: