Ideas in general

I’ve played one company all the way up to almost year 150, and I haven’t been let down yet. i love all of the options for the games and how you can make custom consoles and how in depth and close to reality it is. this is the best tycoon game i’ve ever played, and it’s really the only game on my phone that i played. however, i have some ideas for improvement:

-allow game size to influence quality

-create and design a logo

-office redesign

-further character customization

-an actual holo display like it says for 3D 7

-larger offices

-more topics and genres

-information about games from other developers and how they do to influence your decisions

-more research options such as 3D 8-10, procedural generating, augmented reality

-private development (custom games, consoles, pcs, etc)

-more complex reviews (detailed info)

-support for larger staff

-simultaneous development of multiple games

-buying smaller companies

-(would be interesting to be implemented very far into game around year 300) inter-planetary sales

-partnership with other in-game companies

-actual tycoon (staff creates games themselves after you create the base plan and it auto-assigns staff to development aspects after an upgrade that improves staff intelligence)

-ability to send staff to school (not like training but actual school) for however long (couple of years) to improve their skills with upgradeable(but expensive) intelligence upgrades

-multiple staff teams

-battery usage optimization on iOS

-game dev competitions


-reviews of company by fansthat come in monthly or every two or so months (maybe 5 to 10 reviews

-longer story

idk some of this stuff would be cool to see and improve the game to be better than it already is

i love this game it’s pretty much the only one i play

85/5 great job greenheart

I don’t think they will add something new to GDT before the release of Tavern Keeper, but I think they will make a DLC or a update after the release

This is good ideas, but Greenheart Games is working on Tavern Keeper, even after that, Patrick himself said that he and his small team will make a sequel to Game Dev Tycoon. So I don’t know that, might ask someone for a mod like this.

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  • making your old game’s remakes. I think It would be cool for us to go back and remaster it with better graphics and also DLC for the games.

Size of the game influences quality. If you release a medium game during, say, year 35, it will get terrible reviews regardless of how good it is.