Idea: Multithemes

He guys
Just a small suggestion: How about the possibility to choose multible themes?
Like Fantasy-Medieval? Or vampie-cyberpunk?
Would be a great thing imho :slight_smile:

What do you think?

I do agree it would be a great idea, it came up in my mind a few times before too, although not nearly every topic goes well with ANY different topic at all

Isn’t there already a feature there?

Unless its a Multi-Three Topics.

You can just make Multi-Genres, but not Multi-Topics.

Honestly that might take a while to implement, but I’m not a coder or anything so I’m not sure, having Multi-Topics would mean you’d have to make each one have different compatibilities and make sure it works with Multi-Genres as well.

I would take a long time to implement.
Multi-topic would need to be build into review algorithm. ( matching Genre, Audience )

Perhaps as a mod it would be fine, but in my opinion doing it for stock game, would make it too complicated and messy.

Alright, not really worde after all :slight_smile: At least we can use our Fantasy to imagine whats excatly the Topic is :wink:

I think it’s a good thing for players to use their imagination. :sweat_smile:
I’ve had massive successes with a Simulation/RPG called World of GameDev.