Idea for unique characters!

This is a tiny idea that doesn’t effect gameplay, but making the characters entering your tavern have a bit of randomness. For a skeleton there would be a pool of 5 hairstyles, 5 body types, 5 faces, and 5 weapons and it will give him a random one out of the pool to make each character more unique. Each body type would be unique, with one missing an arm, one being too tall and has to lean down to walk so he doesn’t hit the ceiling and so on. There would also be one special trait for each character, such as a skeleton getting a healess trait, a mage getting a kid trait )where they are a kid) and so on. The wizard pools could be hat type, beard type, wand type. Something to make the characters entering your tavern have a uniqueness and you can tell them apart. Maybe even have some that are frequents to your tavern.