Idea for the forum

yes I had to
so my idea is:
like levels!
let me explain:
like levels are a system that uses your average LPP(like per post) and gives you a level based on that ratio
it could help people find reliable posters

That’s useless. You just want to brag about the amount of likes you have.

(Although you’re not even close to the amount of likes I have :blush:)


Yeah, no. After this you are probably making a new post with: “Let’s add category points” like explained on your profile description.

Most of the posts I like/my posts liked by other’s aren’t reliable …

Shh, shh… Shh… :wink:



My like to comment ratio: 0.46607393542
Your like to comment ratio: 0.42382057231

If you look at your own profile deleted posts are included, so I’ve taken both of our own views from our profiles to avoid confusion and wrong numbers.

I think you should shh shh yourself. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m more concerned that you used so many digits behind the decimal point when you could’ve just shown me three to prove than I’m wrong…

Well, guess I am.


:police_car: Topic Police :police_car:

Well, copy pasting from Google calculator isn’t that hard and faster than rounding it to 3 digits.