Idea For Next Tycoon Game!

I think that the next Tycoon game should be something along the lines of a Music Studio Tycoon, where you create different types of music and stuff like that.

I feel they should stray from tycoon games, better to have a broad range of games then be a one trick pony, but I am excited for what they put out next.

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Yes, I want to make software, music, vehicles, movies, hardware, universes… well everything actually

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my idea for next tycoon game looks like this

I would like them to make a personal life business game learning how to paying taxes and bad credits. I’ve been looking for it for years never finding personal life business. The website above is only for the students…


I had this great tycoon game idea when I was 17 years old… But who am I to create games? Nowdays I’m 10 years older, so fuck it! Would be happy if my idea was made and even more happier if I’d get some sort of small profit as a thanks for sharing my idea =) It’s not alot, but yeah, the idea is easy to continue on.

Resort Tycoon

Let’s start off the game at home. Players will have some options to go by at the start. Depending on what options they choose, different sort of resorts can be built later on in the game. There will be different skill trees, e.g Focus and main storyline has different skill trees.

First level options:

Sport instructor (Focus: + health + social – adventures - relaxation)
Massaging (Focus: + relaxation + health – outdoor life - action)
Bicycle guide (Focus: + health + outdoor life – indoor life - relaxation)
Fishing guide (Focus: + outdoor life + action – indoor life - social)

Different main Focus:
Health, action, relaxation, outdoor, indoor, adventure, social, beneficial,

Focus with main Focus:

  1. Health – cure, mental health, psysical health, advanced health, social skills
  2. Action -
  3. Relaxation – Spa, advanced massage,
  4. Outdoor -
  5. Indoor -
  6. Adventure -
  7. Social -
  8. Beneficial -

Focus description:

  • Health:
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First level option should be more options obviously! like I wrote… I was 17 years old when I wrote this and today I saw this on my computer :smiley: I’ll continue on my idea now just for fun :yum:

Different benefits with main Focus training (skill tree):
So these points are points meant to become a tree of leveling. you can choose based on your own intensions of how you want your resort to function. If you want to master your outdoor activity, you’ll be awarded with a achievement as the greatest resort for outdoors activity. same goes for all the points. this will lead the goaloriented players to create resorts of all forms :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  1. Health – cure, mental health, physical health, advanced health, social skills
  2. Action - bicycling, advanced bicycling, fishing, fly-fishing, sport knowledge etc…
  3. Relaxation – Spa, advanced massage,
  4. Outdoor - health, socail skills, enviroment aware, physical health
  5. Indoor - mental health, relaxation,
  6. Adventure - outdoor knowledge, psysical health, enviroment
  7. Social - mental health, advanced health, social skills, etc
  8. Beneficial - earn more money, social, - become a liar, etc

then we have the different starting areas… at the beginning you will only be allowed to start of at one place since you got no money. After some time, you’ll be able to buy up land and continue on your journey in other places in the world.

I see this game as a strategy game, where you can buy something and place it in your lnadscape, just like rollercoaster Tycoon. There will also be a way to click on your main resort house where you’ll get a more non-timed zone. From here, you’ll be able to level up your character and staff members, decide important decisions for your resort etc…

anyway, that’s all for me.
I know that this idea is great, but I live for the now… so if you want to steal it, be my guest =) If you’d like to involve me in the creation of this game, write to me at

next tycoon idea make movies

Trampoline park tycoon