I need ideas for Consoles!


Finally!After looking at the GDT Mod API I finally figured it out!
But i need ideas for a console mod.
So feel free to send them here.


Add every single console you can, even the useless failed ones, and don’t add ones like the 2ds, 3ds xl and ps2 slim, add literally every console you can find out about that’s not in the game, I would love this so much and I bet a lot of other people would.

To name a few, Sega Saturn (Probably Vena Jupiter I recommend) Nintendo Switch, Sega 32x, Sega CD, Philips CD-i, and many others.

Good luck on this!


There might be some bugs.If youre seeing this Kizza,I would love if you could fix them.


Nintendo Switch = Ninvento Lever/Button
Vega 32x
Vega VHS-Problably not.
Vega CD
Ntilips CD-u
Grapple Crippin
3DM-Parody Of 3DO


Nintendo Switch could be Ninvento Shift and Vega 32x could be Vega 32y


Just my imagination.


Also one thing you need to make sure of is that the years are right, what would be awesome is if you can add it to all types of years, but if you can’t then do 35 or 42 years, having the correct years should be high priority.




I got you fam

Let me know if you need any help with anything.

(Also, just @ me next time :stuck_out_tongue: )


I made a mod that has bugs.Witch is called GDT X.It has a event bug.So please if you can fix those bugs i hate them,it justs makes the mod bad :sweat: if you did fix it.Thanks i appreciate it.Also im typing this on a TV And my PC is getting cleaned and fixed.


Send me the files over and I’ll take a look at some point.


i will say 10 consoles




The download is here.

  • Playsystem 4 Pro (Platstation 4 Pro) Company Name: Vony (Game Company)
  • Sugar (Sega) Company Name: Sugar (New)
  • Grapple (Apple phone) Company Name: Grapple (New)
  • Larnox (Linux) Company Name: Larnox
  • Meck (Mac) Company Name: Meck
  • Katari (Atari) Company Name: Karati


You should do some more VR devices, that’d be cool


Playsystem 4 pro is useless, it’s just the ps4 but plays game with slightly better graphics, asking to add the ps4 pro is like asking to add a 2ds, the 2ds just plays 3ds games and isn’t a standalone console

Also why change Sega’s name?


i’m just gonna add some other ideas here, since they already made almost every console i know.

Vena Jupiter
Vena 32y
Vena CD
VG-1020 (By Vena, Released in 1983)
VG-1020 II (Released in 1984)
TurboFrapx-16 (Released by VEC) (Released in 1989)
Vena Channel
Vena Nixo (Sega Pico, released in 1993)
Ninvento Virtual Ling
PocketSwan (By Maindae, released in 1999)
Meo Keo (Released in 1990)
Meo Keo CD (1994)
Meo Keo Pocket Color (1999)
Gameling Ascended (2001)
Ninvento 3GS (2011)
Pockyystem (PocketStation (PlayStation Portable), released in 1998)
Playsystem Nita (2011)
R-Cage (By Rokia, 2003)
Katari 2800
Katari 5300
Katari 7500
Katari SEGS
Katari Leopard (1993)
Grapple Grippin
KolegoVisor (1982)
Intellivisor (1980)
Super VHS Visor (1984)
Hyper U’ken (1995)
Amuka CD32 (1993)
Maindae Playdia


You mean Vonny