I keep getting piracy on a legal copy android version of Game dev tycoon

This is my first post and I just joined but I keep getting piracy on legal version of Game Dev Tyoon on mobile. I got the game off my old phone using an apk extractor because I couldn’t get it off any other way. But after I made a game that had over $4M sales all of my other games keep getting pirated. Even when I go back on older saves the end result is always the same. I have gotten both piracy messages (I have screenshots of them) so can plz help. I can also screenshot the app in the google play store if that’s a way of proving I legally bought it. (Plz excuse any grammar mistakes I’m typing on mobile) Also, this is the android version if that helps. Edit: I notice it starts happening after the 18th game I make
Edit again: The piracy keeps coming and going. Sometimes my games don’t get pirated, sometimes they do.
Edit 3: Currently it seems to have stopped getting pirated.
Edit 4: I think I just need to have some time in between when I release games.
Edit 5: I’m in the 8th gen console era and I’m still on level 2 with 2 employes and I only get piracy when i make a game without a publisher.

We only have the game available on Google Play, if you are using an APK extractor to copy your game to another phone, it becomes a pirated copy, no matter if you are owning the original on the first phone.

Why not just login with your Google account and install it legally on your second phone?

The reason I used an apk extractor is because I couldn’t find it on my google play account. I might have downloaded it on my dad’s account but I don’t remember for sure.

If you can’t find it on your account then your account doesn’t own it. Get your dad to login with his account and you can play or ask him to purchase the game for you on your account.