I just released my first mobile game

Why are you not making TAG Mod and are releasing mobile games? Well I’m still making it, but bills need paying and modding is out of my free time, which I have been having less and less lately…patience, I guess, is a virtue?

Where was I, ah yes, I released my first mobile game called Hot Lava, its pretty basic, you are Lava Girl and need to jump over a cliff…50 times to beat the game. (Android version Updated, update coming to IOS)

Get it for free:


Thanks to anyone who downloads it. Also any feedback is welcome.


I’ll try it!

much appreciated!

Got it!
It works :open_mouth:
My best is 5!
But I dunno if it’s my phone, but the game works pretty slow D:

Sorry for double post

The game is easy to learn how to play, but hard to master it, just like Flappy Bird, and it was a big hit!
Just advertise!

And I got over 20k EXP for getting 3x streak, I was at 1st level, and now I am 11th

Whats your phone model, if I may ask?

Thanks for trig it out!

Yes it pretty hard to master, once you get 15 jumps you get to play with the lava girl in the background.

Alright, I know you might hate me for this, but,

it’s spelled Patience

It’s not uber duper fast, but not so bad to not handle such simple (I guess) game.
LG Swift L3 II (Second Gen.) It has 1GB of RAM and 1.something GHz processor. (Still better than my mom’s PC)


My Mom’s PC haz 0.9 GB of RAM, and 1 core processor.
Thought it haz MUCH more memory.

no I dont, my grammar sucks

6th downloader! Be sure I’m gonna try this out!

Dang I suck at casual games, I got to 5 max.

Suggesion: Good game, better than Flappy Bird but perhaps earn coins from the tries and use those coins to buy a speed or jump boost. Which then every week there would be a new level with a different hot lava girl?

Just an idea.

Feedback: Hard to time the jumps, I want that picture xP. Is it just me or after every sucessful jump the bot increases speed the slightest bit?

Excuse my double posting please.

we will be tweaking it as we try to refine it.

Thanks for playing and for the feedback.

Just Got it and is soooooo annoying and addictive. But also Awesome. My best is 1 Wooooo

it’s very rage-ish…

This game is so addicting!!

I never really got into flappy bird but this - it is so simple to learn but I can’t seem to get past 4 and it is driving me nuts. I can see this game taking off if you can get it in front of enough people.

I will definitely share it with people I know.

Great job.

Thanks for paling! If your paling on IOS there is a major update coming soon. Android has a new version of it which is way more balanced and fun to play.


Thank you so much!