I have two questions!

  1. Will UltimateLib still work on the newest version of GDT? (that’s the one I have) I know people say it has glitches and corrupts saves but do the mods still work?

  2. If it doesn’t work do any of you know any good mods that don’t need UltimateLib?


Hello Ninvento.

We (Rapid Development Studios) have a mod available on the Steam Workshop called ‘MoreGDT’ that does NOT require any other kinds of mods in order to function (no need for UltimateLib).

Even though our mod has not been updated recently I personally plan on updating it soon even if the rest of the team isn’t, so stick around and keep up to date!

Thanks, Conner.


Thanks, I’ll go and get it!


Here is the original forum post for more information:


thanks for this…