I got an idea! For Tavern Keeper

Since its alpha might as well say before its too late.

First off, you guys accept suggestions? Because I got an idea.

At one point of your guy’s development, tell someone to work on, “Improving the level up mechanic.” I’m saying this because, in GDT, I felt that the system where just simple: make games, get points, rinse and repeat.

But possibly in Tavern Keeper, it could be something like this:
Set one worker to its best performance, except the player must figure themselves since every worker has its own abilities.
IF successful: players will… well… up to you guys.
Else: troubles can happen, like that latest screenshot Saturday, which should be two topics below.

If the workers are doing well at that position, then they generate their personal points,
else they decrease and possibly quit. +if they hate their position, they will quit also.

These, “personal points”, aka ability points, however, you would like to say, can be spent on the skill tree.

For example, I could get, 2x brewing speed for only 5 PP in the skill tree tab. But only when someone has already been brewing… for about 1 in-game year.

However, to spice things up, there’s gotta be a limit. Players cant just spend their PP and let their worker be OP right from the start. They will only get advanced Skill if they do Tasks and Achievements In-game. Which will then unlocked from the Skill Tree?

Hope this idea can help you guys on the game, “Tavern Keeper” Thank you for reading this:slight_smile:

Thanks for taking the time to share your idea with us! I love the bit about workers disliking a role and quitting if they hate their job, it makes the characters seem very human and real. I tend to get very attached to my workers and that would definitely make me want to take care of them!

Thanks again. :slight_smile: