I give much love


see? I give much love :innocent:


That means you cheat on us all


Haha, you’re actually #1 for likes received.


it puts us for likes given -_-
besides @Stian received the most likes


How? :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t think I have any posts with a lot of likes… At least no that I’ve gotten lately.


no, but you get a lot of posts that get 1 like
maybe 4-5 posts that get 1 like


“Read: 1.2k”

Is that how much my topic is read, or how much I have read? :stuck_out_tongue: Probably the first.


I have no idea. It doesn’t change when I read your posts for the 10th time but, eh, still.


I am talking about all-time.


Everyone thinks you’re awesome (And you are, sometimes) because you are making BMM (Beam Mod M8ter)




it’s in a week, and he meant all time

EDIT: ok he actually said that himself

and of course I got the most likes
who doesn’t like Nyan Cat?