I don't know what to do now

I have done everything possible in this game from all 9s on my first game to selling a MMO for years without losing profit. I don’t know what to do now. I want to play but it bores me especially when i make it to the 2nd building because pretty much the only way i lose profit is by spamming mature vocabulary rpgs. The only mod I use is the mod that has rival companies but i bought them all as soon as i reached the 3rd building. Any suggestions on what I should do now?

Play some other game and wait for Game #2 and GDT’s sequel :wink:

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Did you unlock all of the topics? If you are spamming Vocabulary/RPG’s you aren’t making profit, because fans don’t want to see the same game over and over (Like EA does). I have some tips:

  1. Only buy the other companies if they are cheap
  2. Here are some other tips for the 2nd office: Some tips for players who struggle in level 2

That’s also a good idea :wink:

I’m not struggling at level 2. I’m saying that once I reach level 2 I still make profit even when I’m making bad games on purpose. I’m pretty much EA when I get to level 2.

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When is are they coming out?

End-2015 or early-2016. But we know that they are working on: A businnes simulator, gdt 2 or something with computer dev tycoon.

I don’t think it’s GDT 2 that they’re working on right now.

It probably isn’t. I mean, in GDT you shouldn’t release a sequel just after the original game, what kind of hypocricy would it be for the developers to do that?

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We already know that it’s some sort of business/simulation game. I doubt they would release GDT 2 right after doing the first GDT. I have no clue where people heard that they might be doing computer dev tycoon.

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Yeah lol XD I didn’t think of that, Greenheart Games is not EA or Scott Cawthon.

You can go to the workshop and try mods out!