I cant update my mod!


when i update my mod it takes me to steam and its says when it was last updated and it was the day 18 of april and when i updated my mod on 20 of april it still said it wast last updated on 18 of april and i closed steam but it still said latest update was on 18 of april and i restarted my PC and it still stood latest pdate on 18 of april i treid to update my mod many times but it still didnt work and on the Place you all subed mods are it sill says the old version if someone now how to fix this you will help me ALOOT
and if it helps my mod name is: All the consoles mod!
and yes i treid other versions of my mod and it stood update completed but it didnt update to old version either…. and i have 25,8 MBs on my mod but as i said i updated to the old versions. The only version that works is the one thats on my mod right now….