I can't re-download game dev tycoon!

PLEASE HELP! I got a new computer and I can’t re-download game dev tycoon can someone help!

More details please…


Steam? Windows store? website edition?

Please see here:


Hey Patrick I have 2 questions. my first question is if a mod doesn’t have a mod website can I use it. because it wont let me use them, HELP!!. question 2: can I be apart of the modding crew?

a) yes, just create a forum topic as your mods website.
b) feel free to get involved with other modders on the forum. they will be glad to have you :slight_smile:

None of the above.

I got the game as a gift and the email disappeared. Then I got a new computer because my last one broke and I can’t re-download game dev tycoon

Hey @Eltie905

Your best bet is to contact orders@fastspring.com and ask for your order fulfilment email to be resent. They will most likely need to ask you some questions to help retrieve your account. If Fastspring is unable to retrieve your account because the purchaser kept all of the information in their own name you will need to contact the person who gifted it to you.