I bought the Game Dev Tycoon Android version and I've appeared me the piracy notification


So, I have a problem…

It was just a few days ago since I’ve paid and downloaded the Android version of ‘Game Dev Tycoon’. There wasn’t any problem as far. But it was just recently I’ve got the piracy message from the game that it made me unable to still play from there, I know it’s the message wich appears in the pirated version because it has only the :frowning: button.

I can’t deny there was some time that I got downloaded the pirated version of the game, but it was justifiable as I just wanted to try this game out and then pay for it…

Obviously I deleted the pirated version, and once I got the paid version in Google Play Store it gotten me the piracy message though…

Someone could help me to solve this? :frowning:


Probably since it is the same game the file will still be there even if you delete it something that is deleted are fragmented on the hard disk. So if you delete it and then re-install it whether paid for or not you will still get the message :frowning: So i would say still have the downloaded version and keep it then pirate it again and see if you can get past the point were it gave you the message! Hope i helped!


Thanks! I’ll try it and see if something changes. :slight_smile: