I am the Secret Keeper!


Hey everyone. A few months before the announcement of Tavern Keeper I stumbled upon a large reveal for the game. I contacted the developers and ensured them that I would keep the project a secret. After the announcement and after a long period of keeping the secret I was rewarded with some nice loot and the awesome title of “Secret Keeper” here on the Forums.

Overall I just want to take the time to thank the developers for such an awesome experience. Everyone that I interacted with at Green Heart Games handled the situation professionally while keeping a sense of humor. Green Heart Games, Thank you guys so much. I’m loving my new loot! Here I am sporting one of the awesome T-Shirts. Looking forward to playing Tavern Keeper! :grinning::astonished: :smile:


Glad that the shirts arrived! We’ll have to retell the whole story at some point. We had a blast and thanks for keeping your word and not spoiling the announcement :smiley:


Yus, I must know :open_mouth:


Daniel Klug and Patrick Klug were brothers who had the ability to warp orange and blue bubbles out of their head for game development. These two wizards decided to make a game about their life, Game Dev Tycoon…


Wow! Its cool!