I am sick and tired of being stuck in a loop of bankruptcy

Honestly how am I able to play this game if I am stuck in a constant loop of bankruptcy? I had to pay 2.7M and I had 1.7M and a game just released with 8/9/8/8 ratings and did a few contracts while I try to get to 2.7 million, does it work? NO cause your game lets me “restart level” but it brings me back go beginning of this loop and now I must start a new game and probably deal with the dame ordeal once again. This game is way to stressing with the constant loops of bankruptcies.

I will give you some help.

1.If you reached the 2nd office, just hire 2 employees. Their salary will going up if they level up, but you will be okay if you only have 2 employees. Hire other employees if you have enough money, like 10M.
2.don’t buy all of platform license.
It just waste your money if you don’t use it.
Get the license that you need.
I use the pirated version of GDT. But i have no DRM on it. I’m not planning to keep the game because i want the steam one. But anyways if you use the pirated version of the game, in the 2nd office everybody will pirate your game so you will bankrupt, even if you disable the “pirate mode”.

Thanks for the reply

I use the google play store so it isn’t pirated :slight_smile:

No problem. Does it help you?

Just keep an eye on your spending? Even with mediocre games you should be able to survive.
I followed some tips when i went bankrupt and they were quite good.
The first thing you should do is to not move out of the basement to quick.
In the basement the costs are very minimal so you should not move out of the basement before you have 2m.
Can even stay a bit longer if you want to do some more research.
I found it to be nice to make your first 3d version 1 engine in the basement and then make a new engine then move to the upgraded building.

In the second building you have so many spending options it is quite easy to overspend and go bankrupt.
Don’t be afraid to make the cheap games, it is very tempting to go for all the expensive stuff while it simply does not guarantee you that the game is succesful.

Also keep an eye on which month you start making game so you end up almost completing a game when you hit E3 or whatever it is called again.

When you hire people take 1 that is good with development and other good with technology. Some guides mention it is wise to start with the lowest ratings as means they keep progressing which will result in better games.

I personally don’t bother with console games in the beginning as I just find the initial costs quite expensive and games on pc also give good results.
If you focus on RPG in combination with something else you could focus your research on that as well.
For example if you focus on RPG together with action you would not research the dialogs a lot as you don’t really use them when developing a game.

Also when restarting level does it just take your savegame if so then it also means that if you moved to quickly you end up with bad stats and not enough research?

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Hello, I don’t know how to help much, I learned everything on my own and have 1B+ on 2 saves. my advice is wait til you have 3M+ till you move to next office and try to limit your spending, research as much as you can and once you male being engines, only put in the graphics you use or.you are wasting money although there are achievements for money spent on game engines.