HyperSpeedUltraRacing - you thought it was dead? you were right, for a while


You thought it was dead, huh? You were very much correct. But I found the hard drive with the files so we’re back in business!

Not much to say just yet, but it’s gonna be something I’ll be working on in fits and spurts for a while. Some of it’s gonna get a re-write, some assets are gonna be redrawn, blah blah blah.

I made a cover for it, though.


I haven’t been working on it lately. Has a few decent bugs that I cannot fix. All that needs to be done really is the levels. Only 4 or 5 have been made so far.

I already have Construct 2 installed but I’m just lazy like you now. Need any help with the graphics though?


Haha, I know that feeling.
As far as the graphics thing, I think I’m good at the moment. Thanks, though!


I could have been bothered to do it last year, but school has changed dramatically this year even though I am only in my second year of secondary school. I have assessment tasks almost every week.

Do you mind if I had a look at the project file? I’m just curious to see what you have made.


Yeah, sure, just let me save the latest version.


Okay cool.


There you go!
Make sure to check out all the layouts, not just the first level, cause it’s not finished at all. The title screen and plot bit are finished though.


Will do, I’ll message you what I think on Skype.


Alright, cool. BTW, feel free to modify the game as you feel fit, and even make it into your own thing. That goes for everybody else as well, cause this game is open source.

That reminds me - the game is free without any paid for option or donations page or any bullshit. Everybody who plays it should be equal, regardless of financial status.




Thanks fam.


I need bug-testers, stat!

If anybody’s interested, PM me and I’ll add you to the credits of the game under beta tester, with a little 8-bit icon based on your profile picture or a picture of your choice! Requirements are that you’re good at breaking games in any way you can, and good at listing the bugs in reasonable detail. As soon as you find a bug, PM me! Simple as that!


This is still a thing, by the way! More info soon!


Looks promising…
I can review the game if its almost finished if you want. That way I can review it accurately :slight_smile:


Thanks, I’ll send a copy once it’s basically finished. I’m gonna keep working on it in the meantime, no word on when it’ll be finished though.


Okay m8. :smiley:


I’ve said around September and while that might be a worst case scenario, I might be able to get it out by June.


Okay m8. :smiley:
######old school copy and paste…


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