How to Replace,Make,Or Place back the original .OGG


Before I head over the .OGG, few thing i messed from Image.PNG

Don’t worry DreamVast… your in heaven…

But let me tell you, want to hear the life and the death of DreamVast? well now you can.

1.Make sure to make a Backup Folder of the original file and move it somewhere else THE ORIGINAL .OGG
2.once that, place the new .OGG into " C:\Where ever you placed it\Game Dev Tycoon\audio\OGG"
3.Run the Game
4.Have fun with .OGG :wink:


  1. you can Make another backup in case if wanted to switch back Again @_@)
  2. move it to somewhere else.
  3. locate the original .OGG you have placed and place it back to the OGG Folder
  4. Run the Game
    5.Have Fun. :wink:

Two Things
1.If you want a .OGG from URL, i suggest you using this site.
just Copy & Paste the URL where it says “Search of Paste Link Here” and Change the Format to .OGG


1.If you want the .OGG from your Desktop, etc use this
make sure to press Browse… on the Upload your audio you want to convert to OGG: and locate your own .mp3,etc

2.Once Either that, head to the OGG Folder here comes a bit confusing, if you read my INSTRUCTIONS FOR .OGG you’ll understand that first you need a backup. but that’s more than that.
4. After Backup, locate your own .OGG and rename it. For example, if i want to change the title screen music into something else, ill have to head to the Backuped Folder and find “GameDevTycoonTitle.ogg” Copy & Paste the .ogg name “GameDevTycoonTitle” and rename your own .ogg into that name (ext: if your .ogg is named like 007.ogg, rename it to GameDevTycoonTitle.ogg ) once that, place your new .OGG to GameDevTycoon/Audio/Ogg.
5. Now Repeat This Step Over and over and you’ll have your own .OGG music from in-game Game Dev Tycoon!

P.S. when you run the game, you’ll have an error saying something that is harmless. its just saying that the Original .OGG is not Located into OGG Folder, Now Playing The Current Used .OGG

If Your Having a problem, please P.M. me if i can possibly Fix the Problems.

And if interested with my .OGG (not fully finished :stuck_out_tongue: ) here it is (I do not Own any of these .OGG, these goes Respectfully to their Original Composers )


as alternative you can use for conversion this method


If you looking for replace, make or place back the original .ogg then read this article here