How to remove vanilla platforms? (Will be replaced with platforms from mods)


So back in October I was planning on making a mod and then I got sidetracked and lost interest.

Though now that my brother and friends are playing it again I’ve gotten back into modding Game Dev Tycoon and I want to make my own console mod for Game Dev Tycoon.

Thing is that the ingame release dates for the consoles are off compared to their real life release dates (as I figured out roughly when the game starts and what each year in game corisponds to in real life).

I would like to disable the vanilla platforms in game and I did find a line of code thats suppose to do that…

Platforms.allPlatforms = [];

But this removes everything, even platforms from other mods. This happens no matter where I put the line of code in any of the platform mods I have installed or in my own mod I’m messing about with.

Could someone help me with removing the vanilla platforms so I can make my own line up of computers, consoles and portable systems to play with?

Mind you before anyone gets upset about using real consoles, I’ll just be doing what Green Heart did for Game Dev Tycoon and make my own Graphics and Parodies of real work consoles to avoid issues. For now though I’ll be using some things as place holders until I can figure things out.


Two things:

First, the dates in code are all based on a game length of 30 years. See the Date information on the modding wiki.

Second, Platforms.allPlatforms is the variable that the game expects to have all platforms listed. If you set it to empty then yes, you won’t have any platforms in the list. You cannot control the order mods are loaded so if you want to only remove the platforms that the game itself ships with, then I suggest you filter them out based on id and remove them manually.


How would I go about doing that?

As I said I would like to be able to disable the vanilla platforms, so I’d need to know what to put in to remove them like you mentioned, even if I have to get their ID’s and remove them one by one.


Here are all the platform ids:

"PC", "G64", "TES", "Master V", "Gameling", "Vena Gear", "Vena Oasis", "Super TES", "Playsystem", "TES 64", "DreamVast", "Playsystem 2", "mBox", "gameSphere", "GS", "PPS", "mBox 360", "Nuu", "Playsystem 3", "grPhone", "grPad", "mPad", "Wuu", "OYA", "mBox One", "Playsystem 4", "mBox Next", "Playsystem 5"


Alright, thanks for getting those for me, though what do I do with the ID’s to remove them from the game?

I imagine that theres some code that I have to add to the main.js or code.js to remove the vanilla platforms.


This should do it:

var platformNames = ["PC", "G64", "TES", "Master V", "Gameling", "Vena Gear", "Vena Oasis", "Super TES", "Playsystem", "TES 64", "DreamVast", "Playsystem 2", "mBox", "gameSphere", "GS", "PPS", "mBox 360", "Nuu", "Playsystem 3", "grPhone", "grPad", "mPad", "Wuu", "OYA", "mBox One", "Playsystem 4", "mBox Next", "Playsystem 5"];
for (var i = 0; i < Platforms.allPlatforms.length; i++) {
    for (var h = 0; h < platformNames.length; h++) {
var platform = Platforms.allPlatforms[i];
        if ( == platformNames[h])

Good luck with your mod, mate!


Thanks, I hope that works for what I need.

Another thing I realized is that I’ll probably have to remove the messages/notifications for the consoles as those might still end up appearing and confusing players.

Also because I’m doing by best to loosely base the units sold numbers off real life numbers the original platforms like the G64, PlaySystem, TES64, etc might have different market shares with my mod (but I plan on reusing their raitings so that players should still be able to make games like they did before for the original platforms, just with different numbers sold)

Though I imagine that While the PC by the end of the game will sell about “5.7 Units”, I Imagine that having the PS1 selling “10.1” units might be a bit much. I don’t want my mod to have such huge numbers sold that even a crappy game can make someone millions. Perhaps I’ll tweak the numbers to have them better fall inline with the original games balencing, So the PC might sell 5.7 units, while the PS1 might sell perhaps 1.01 Units and the PS4 so far having sold 6 Million units IRL could be at about 0.6 units?

i really have no idea how to properly use the units sold part. Is 1.0 suppose to be a million units sold? 10 million?


I believe 1.0 would be 1 million. You should really take a look at the documentation.


Nice, this helped me a lot for my own project as well, but I would like to know if there is a way to remove all vanilla events and research options as well or if it is even possible


I would like to know as well, because it’ll be pretty hard to make my own platform replacement mod with the vanilla events and what not popping up.

How ever I’d rather keep the research options as they don’t do much other then giving your games more tech and design points. They do not effect the game or ratings directly (though a game with higher tech and design will be better recieved by the critics)


Do I put this in the main.js or code.js?